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14 Signs of Hormonal Imbalance We Almost Never Recognize

Hormones are an essential part of our lives, but we are not aware of it until we come across a problem in which they are involved.

Some major changes in our lives can have some pretty detrimental effects on our bodies, but understanding them can mean a world of difference between suffering in silence or being able to achieve some stability.

Here are 14 signs that you might have thought were just a part of you, but that can now become the key to knowing what is really happening to you:

1- Chronic fatigue

You may feel tired at times, but if it happens often it is probably because of your hormones. A cause for your tiredness could be the thyroid or that you are generating too much progesterone.

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2- Insomnia

Progesterone can also affect your sleep habits if it’s too low. It not only affects falling asleep but also staying asleep. {keyword}

3- Memory problems

Changes in estrogen and progesterone can make it harder to remember things or think clearly. The thyroid can also affect in this case so it is best to see a doctor.


4- Too much acne

It’s normal to have some acne while your body is ovulating but if you have it all month and in excess it could be caused by excess androgen which causes the oil glands to clog the pores.


5- Stomach problems

Your stomach can also sense hormonal changes, so if you have pain, bloating, or dizziness, you may have problems with your hormones.

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6- Headaches

If you have headaches at the same time each month, it could be due to a drop in your estrogen.

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7- Changes in your chest

If you notice that your chest is less dense than usual, it is because your estrogen level has dropped and if they seem harder than normal, on the contrary, it could be because the level has increased.

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8- Irregular periods

If your period is irregular, it could be because your hormones are altered for various reasons, going to the doctor is always the best thing in this case.


9- Hot flashes and night sweats

If you are close to menopause you will suffer these symptoms as a result of low estrogen levels.

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10- Mood swings or depression

If there are sudden changes in your estrogen levels, your brain can produce greater amounts of dopamine or serotonin, which changes your moods.

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11- Increased appetite

Lowering estrogen levels alters leptin, the hormone that controls hunger.

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12- Diarrhea

It’s really only a concern if you’re showing any of the other symptoms on this list at the same time.


13- Vaginal dryness

It can happen from time to time but if it is constant it could be because your estrogen level is dropping.

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14- Low libido

If you are less interested in sex than usual it can usually be due to a drop in your testosterone.


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