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13 types you’ll be matched with on Tinder

If you’re single today, you’re probably hanging out on Tinder like most other singles. We’ve found 13 types you’re most likely to match with on Tinder.

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Whether you are new to Tinder or have been there for a while, you have or will be matched with a lot of lovely babes and some a little less lovely. Here are 13 types you’ll match with on Tinder but won’t meet in real life.

1. The marathon runner
You know the one who stands in training clothes in the profile picture and writes training and running as the main interest. The idea of ​​going out for a run with your sweetheart before Sunday brunch can be nice. Although we know that will never happen. If we are not very interested in training ourselves, we will probably let the match stop at just one match.

2. The one who has a terrible presentation
She’s really pretty and writes interesting things and you think it’s fun to talk to… But she has a terribly bad presentation.

3. The one who takes months to respond
All of a sudden you get a reply to the message you sent about three months ago. Apparently you were that interesting.


4. She who is super kind and volunteers at an animal center
She does everything right and does everything to improve the world. You simply feel that he is far too good for you and that you will have to live with a constant guilty conscience. The saying “it’s not you, it’s me” really rings true here.

5. Your old classmate
The one you’ve swiped right on just because it was kind of fun, but who you’ll never date.

6. The one who is so beautiful that you die – but only has one picture
Unfortunately, a picture is not enough for you to start dating in real life. If you are so handsome, there must be more pictures.

7. She who is insanely beautiful and knows it herself
She’s so beautiful you think you’re going to die, but you can see she’s a weakling who walks around thinking she’s the prettiest in the world.


8. Your ex is your only mutual friend
Of course you shouldn’t say no to someone because they know your ex, but why date your ex’s friends when you don’t have to?

9. The one who is only in town for the weekend
She seems nice and is pretty but you know it won’t lead to anything.

10. The hottie who can’t hold a conversation
If it’s hard to talk to someone via a chat, how hard is it in real life…

11. The one who seems absolutely perfect but who suddenly and far too soon starts writing sexy messages
You know exactly what we mean. The one who, when you’ve finished polite phrases, starts asking what you’re wearing and what you’re thinking about right now and so on… We say no thanks!


12. The one you would have been madly in love with in high school
He plays in a band and looks a bit difficult. Anything that made your fifteen-year-old heart skip a beat.

13. He who displays his catch in the form of a fish
Just kidding – this is definitely a male. Is it a holdover from cave times to show that you can catch your own food and thus also take care of yourself? What we do know is that if you haven’t seen a single fishing picture on the guys you swiped yes or no on, you must be brand new to Tinder.

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