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13% of subscribers would cancel Netflix if they cannot share accounts • ENTER.CO

Netflix is ​​determined that you stop sharing your account. In fact, the company has already begun to implement a model to avoid it in some Latin American countries. The test doesn’t seem to have very positive results, but that’s unlikely to stop the platform from curbing its attempts to monetize shared accounts.

The bad news for Netflix is ​​that few people seem willing to pay for the service if they have to stop sharing accounts.

A survey by Aluma Insights, a market research company, has come to the same conclusion that at least 13% of households in the United States would prefer an account if Netflix asks them to pay the $3 it would cost. add an extra profile. The survey sampled 1,315 Netflix users (corresponding to about 2,200 adults who use the service).

Interestingly, 12% of those surveyed also said they would be willing to pay at least one extra profile on their account. In fact, the study predicts that close to half of people would not end up canceling. This is because Aluma believes that there is a significant distance between ‘intention’ and ‘action’. In other words, as upset as some end up with Netflix’s decision, they will most likely keep the service or even end up paying for additional accounts.

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Of course, this final figure can be much higher. Leichtman Research Group also conducted its own survey and found that nearly a third of accounts in the US share their password (33%). According to the information shared, 29% of these accounts are shared between different people outside the household (that is, the subscription is paid by several hands), while 12% are paid by just one person.

This number is likely to be even higher in regions such as Latin America. Services such as entertainment such as Netflix usually have a very low priority within the ‘family basket’. This is precisely one of the reasons why Netflix surely began testing in our territory, anticipating resistance from users in these countries.

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