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13 good tips for the best purchases

You winter sales finally arrived and, as you know, this is always a good time to buy the pieces you’ve been loving all your life. collection.

Mainly because in terms of the cold season, and since the hot parts tend to be more expensive, it’s a good opportunity to buy them without spending a fortune.

Coats, wool overcoats, good quality sweaters, cotton shirts, boots and parkas are some of the pieces you should invest in.

On the other hand, this is also the perfect time to buy that expensive piece that, although you probably don’t wear it every day, you can’t get out of your head.

So, and to help you make the best purchases, we’ve put together the 13 unmissable tips for sales. See below and happy shopping!

Winter sales: 13 essential tips for good shopping

Contrary to what you might think, a good sale strategy starts at home, and only then extends to the behavior to be had in your favorite stores.

Follow our tips to make the most of winter sales, and you’ll be able to save while investing in pieces you’ll actually wear.


Before going shopping, organize your wardrobe

Before you start browsing the websites of your favorite brands, and start thinking about what you’re going to buy, there’s something you should do.

Firstly, and before any purchase, it is crucial that you organize your wardrobe, in order to understand what you no longer use, what is out of order and what you can donate.

Through this, you will be able to conclude what your main needs are and thus make the most of the winter sales to buy the pieces that you really need.

After cleaning the wardrobe, it is easier to make a list of what you need to buy, either in terms of replacement parts or to fill in any flaws that the wardrobe has.

So, if you’re missing a trench coat or overcoat, for example, include them on the list.

Based on what you need to buy and taking into account your favorite brands, make a list of the stores you like the most. Then just visit their website.

Since we are still experiencing a pandemic, prefer to buy online, in order to avoid crowds in physical stores.

Establish how much you can spend and stick to that value to the letter, thus avoiding impulse purchases, and being more conscientious in purchases.

Your closet, the planet and your wallet will thank you.


Avoid the credit card

At the time of purchase, and in order to make the most of winter sales without committing major abuses compared to what you had planned, prefer to pay with your debit card.

Yes, the truth is that the credit card can lead to excesses, which you will later regret. Avoid using it.


Don’t buy it just “because it was too cheap”

Unless it’s an item of clothing that you really need, or have wanted for a long time, don’t buy something just because it’s cheap.

The surest thing is to regret it, and end up with a mono in the closet. And in an era where sustainability is the watchword, you have to make conscious purchases.

In that sense, only buy pieces that you know you will actually use.


Buy just the right size

Don’t buy clothes thinking you’ll lose or gain weight, as plans can go wrong and you’ll end up with a piece you can’t wear. And all we don’t want are monkeys in the closet, right?

The exception to this rule is children’s clothing, with winter sales being a good time to anticipate future times.


Invest in quality basics

We are referring to pieces such as shirts, jeans, cotton blouses or wool sweaters, which we usually wear a lot.

Choose quality pieces that fit you perfectly, and you will have a functional wardrobe. That is, it ended up opening the closet every morning and being desperate, not knowing what to wear.

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At a time when we are still experiencing a pandemic, giving preference to online shopping is essential to avoid crowds.

In this sense, unless you really need a piece that is in the physical store, do your shopping in the comfort of your home.


Ask a friend for opinion

If you have doubts about a piece, but you really like it, ask a friend for their opinion.

Sometimes, we really need an outside opinion to be able to decide, and realize if the piece is really worth it or not..


When you see a very high discount, analyze the piece well

Sometimes, when stores make big discounts, it’s because the piece has a defect. There are defects that are barely noticeable and, therefore, are not important.

However, there are others that if you analyze carefully are quite visible. One of the examples are small tears or unsealed areas.

In this sense, it is important that you analyze the piece well (if you bought it online, when opening the order, make sure that the pieces are impeccable, before removing the label).


Before buying beauty products on sale, read the label

When we see very large discounts on good cosmetic brands, the immediate reaction is to be tempted to buy. But before doing so, it is very important that you read the contents and indications that are described on the packaging.

If you have sensitive or reactive skin, this detail is even more important. People with this skin type tend to react to certain components such as parabens, perfumes, formaldehyde and isothiazolinone.

So, if your skin is reactive, you should be extra careful and always read the list of ingredients.


Only buy pieces that fit you well

One of the great tricks to make good sales purchases is to only buy the pieces that look really good.

In that sense, be honest with yourself and don’t buy what’s just “more or less”.

Believe me, this little tip will make a lot of difference to feel wonderful and well dressed, every day.

These 13 tips will help you shop better, and have a functional closet where you really use everything you have.

Try putting them into practice and see for yourself.

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