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12 well-paid jobs with short training

Time for a career change? We list twelve professions that pay well without requiring lengthy training.

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Changing career paths can feel like a big project, especially if you don’t feel like taking a pay cut. With these jobs, you can in a relatively short time acquire an education that results in a well-paid job.

1. Locomotive driver

How does a basic salary of 30-40 thousand a month and really good chances of getting a job right after your studies sound? You train to become a train driver in 60 weeks, then it’s – literally – just honking and driving!

2. Arborist

If you have green fingers, arborist may be the profession for you. An arborist works with pruning trees and caring for nature. After an education of one and a half years, you have several possibilities ahead of you, including gardener, park manager, arborist, supervisor or forest ranger. The salary differs depending on what you choose, but lands at around 30,000 a month.

3. Programmer

The future prospects for programmers are very good and the salary usually does not go away for hacks either. What then do programmers have for training? Many programmers are interestingly self-taught, but if you lack skills or need to learn more, you can attend a YH training that lasts two years.

4. Pilot

A pilot earns an average of SEK 60,000 a month – really no shame! It takes between 1.5-2 years to train for this, depending on where you study.

5. Accounting economist

As an accounting economist, you initially earn around 35,000 a month, but the salary can increase significantly with a higher level of difficulty and increased experience. The training takes a year and a half and after that the prospects of getting a job are very good.

6. Coast Guard

For those of you who don’t get seasick easily, coast guard is a job that has many advantages. On the one hand, you receive a salary during the training itself – which, incidentally, lasts for two semesters – and on the other hand, you are guaranteed employment after the training. The salary is 22,000 during the training, 26,000 after. After another year, you earn SEK 28,400 a month, a sum that can continue to rise depending on how you perform.

7. Project manager within IT

To be able to train as a project manager in IT, you first need to have worked as either a project manager or with IT. The training takes a year and a half and after that you can earn a really generous salary, especially as an employee of a larger company.

8. Insurance adviser

You become an insurance adviser through an 80-week YH training or an insurance company’s own training (first try applying directly to the company!). If you are a social person, this could be the job for you. The average salary is a generous 46,400 kroner a month.

9. Electrician with special skills

If you studied electrical engineering at high school, you can add a short YH education such as programming. With these skills you will not only be in high demand, you can also earn a lot of money.

10. Broker

For those who have drive and don’t mind working weekends, there is plenty of money to be made in the brokerage business. So how do you become a broker? Take a two-year course at university level, then you’re set.

11. Subway train driver

A big advantage of training to be a subway train driver is that you don’t have to pay for the training! MTR in Stockholm offers paid training of fourteen weeks for those interested in the profession. After the training, you will also be employed directly, and as if this were not enough, subway train drivers earn around 35,000 a month.

12. Logistics

Training as a logistician is a relatively safe bet as the chance of getting a job immediately after the training is really high. The salary is approximately SEK 34,000-45,000 per month, this after two years of training.

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