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12 Typical Accidents That Kill More People Every Year

There are those days in which either by fate, the mysterious alignment of the planets or a host of hypothetical coincidences, that if some misfortune has to happen to us, it will.

Other times, it is simply due to the fact that human stupidity knows no limit, turning our life into one of the scripts of the ‘Final Destination’ saga in which everything seems to be conspiring to kill us.

Every year, thousands of people around the world die in ways so bizarre and bizarre that it is sometimes hard to believe. But the ones you will see in this article will surprise you both because of how common some can be and how strange others may seem.

Here are 12 of the strangest causes:

1- Use right-handed devices while being left-handed


Nearly 2,500 left-handed people die each year from using devices designed for right-handers. If you are one of those who prioritize the left over the right, I would be careful.

2- Eating hot dogs

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This might seem like a joke, but unfortunately, a statistic reveals that about 70 children die each year from suffocation while eating hot dogs.

3- Autoerotic asphyxiation


Playing around while having sex can be very exciting and pleasurable, however it can become especially dangerous if you have to strangle yourself. Around 600 people die each year from this bizarre sexual fetish.

4- Write by mobile


We are increasingly aware and deaths caused by traffic accidents are reducing over the years, however, around 572 adolescents die each year from texting while driving.

Most of us aren’t as good at two things at once as we think. Remember that your message can wait until you reach your destination.

5- Roller coasters


Sad but true, one of the most fun activities in the world costs the lives of 4 people on average every year in the United States alone.

6- Falling out of bed


Perhaps falling out of bed is not too scary for us; however, it is much more dangerous than we think. Seriously, we should start sleeping on the floor for safety. It may surprise you to learn that as many as 1.8 million people visit the emergency room for a fall from their bed, 450 of whom end up causing death.

7- Use of vending machines


Surely you have ever inserted a coin into one of these machines and lost your temper when you saw how it swallowed it and absolutely nothing happened. Well, if you ever thought about shaking the machine until you get your precious snack, you better accept your defeat and go back where you came from if you don’t want to lose more than the coin. Up to 13 people die each year crushed by these “innocent” machines.

8- Icicles of ice


Icicles are quite a danger during the winter. Sharp as knives, they hang expectantly in the gutters of the houses until they fall on whatever wretch is just below. In Russia alone, about 100 people a year die from these landslides.

9- Selfies


Sometimes the perfect photo just isn’t worth it. Selfies have killed more people this year than sharks. Some of them due to falls, forgetfulness of those who had a weapon in hand, contact with electrical outlets or train collisions.

10- Fall of stairs


The number of people who die from falling down the stairs is about the same as from falling out of bed. In the United States alone, 477 people lose their lives each year due to a small misstep. We have to sleep, it’s a risk we have to take, but no one forces us to climb stairs. Throw the ladder away now!

11- Power lines


If you’re reckless enough to grab one of these cables, you won’t know how dangerous they are until it’s too late. About 105 people are electrocuted while handling power lines each year in the United States.

12- Crushed


Crushing is another of the most common and easily preventable causes that exists. About 103 Americans lose their lives when they stand between two objects that collide with each other forcefully.

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