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Summer itself is fast approaching and with temperatures still high, we change our wardrobe and often our hairstyle as well. Shortening your hair for sunny days is a good idea for several reasons. Not only do you not sweat as much when it’s hot, but it also freshens up your look for the holidays. Also, we use the hair dryer less or simply let your clothes dry in the open air. But short hair does not allow you to make an elegant hairstyle, if any, does it? On the contrary! And the 10+ short hair buns we have selected for you prove it unequivocally!

Popular ones are created with these types of breads:

  • low bun: These buns are placed at the back of the neck and can be messy or elegant. Bouffants, twists, braids going into a bun, or well selected accessories are often used to elevate the low bun hairstyle.
  • top bun: High-knot, messy, or corn buns all share the same idea of ​​placing the bun on top of your head for maximum spotlight. Updos with high buns can be really showy and perfectly elongate the face.
  • side bun: Side buns benefit from the elegance of low buns but do not need a special introduction as they are clearly visible from the front. Versatile and flirty, these are definitely among the best types of breads to try.
  • braided bun: This hairstyle is created by braiding hair before twisting it into a bun. It can be as simple as twisting a braided ponytail and as intricate as creating a side fishtail shell.
  • cokes: Reminiscent of a French twist, chignon bun hairstyles maintain the vogue and classy vibes. A perfect choice for a formal event!

In the summer of 2022, we do short hair buns!

short buns wavy blonde hair easy to make summer 2022

‎We must be frank and admit that short hair buns are not exactly the most basic thing in the world. In addition to visiting your hairdresser for a special occasion, you can calmly ask a friend to help you when you aim for an impeccable result, for example for an appointment. You can also style your own hair, especially if you want to get a low bun that isn’t too neat.‎

‎Can I make a short hair bun?‎

chic braided short hair bun easy to make summer 2022

‎Normally, a minimum length to the shoulders is required to be able to do a bun. However, some short hair buns can be done in even more modest lengths, for example in a short square that barely protrudes from the ears, and they look just as impressive. Naturally, the guiche clamps are irreplaceable in this context, as the elastic band cannot hold the small threads well.‎

how to make a bun in short hair a few easy steps

The first thing you need to do to succeed in this timeless classy hairstyle is to create the impression that your hair is more voluminous than it actually is. To do this, unsurprisingly, you need to pancake them, insisting on the part near the roots.

Then you need to comb your hair back, leaving it bulging at the top of your head. The next step is to tie them just above the neck with a thin elastic band to get a small low ponytail.

Finally, take the end of the ponytail you just made and wrap it around itself. Secure the short bun with hair clips and re-spray hairspray to make the hairstyle last longer.

10 perfect buns for short hair 2022

buns short hair chic easy to style summer show

How to make a low bread in a few easy steps

short hair buns summer 2022 low braided bun undone

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Chic low bun wound idea with fallen wicks

why opt for easy to make chic short hair buns

‎Even short squares can be styled into a bun with a few pins!‎

chignons cheveux courts décoiffés chics faciles faire été 2022

‎Such a high bun requires a minimum length to the shoulder blades‎

chignons cheveux courts hauts chics faciles faire été 2022

‎The knot bun highlights the locks or the blonde in the brown sweep‎

chignons cheveux courts chics faciles balayage blond sur brun

‎Braids are romantic and bohemian accents that are a must for summer‎

chignons cheveux courts tressés chics faciles faire été 2022

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‎Hair jewelry completely perfectly appeals to the XS bread‎

comment faire chignons cheveux courts chics faciles par étapes

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‎How to make a sublime bun without 4 small tails hair‎

chignons cheveux courts tressés décoiffés chics faciles faire été

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‎Coloring, hairstyle and accessory in perfect harmony quite ideal‎

buns short hair sweep blonde chic easy to make summer 2022

Short buns and hair for a stylish and classy wedding

wedding hairstyle buns short hair blonde chic easy

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The low knot bun exudes class and elegance.

buns short hair blonde knot chic easy to make

The pearl-decorated tweezers look very chic

chic short hair buns easy clips with wedding pearls

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