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12 Tips on how to prepare

Learn the right way how to do well in a Job Interview. Many people miss important details because they don’t know exactly what an interviewer is looking for or looking for in a candidate.

Be aware that the interview is the most important and decisive factor when the interviewer decides whether or not to hire the interviewee. The Interviewer will be attentive to all the details such as: Clothing, behavior, slang, hygiene, among other factors.

There are some ‘basic rules’ so that you can do well in an interview and increase your chances of getting your job.

What this article covers:

Job Interview: How to Prepare

Certain that you will be evaluated from the first contact with the secretary in the waiting room, if you have one, you must be prepared from the time you leave home until the moment you are outside the company where you were interviewed. To help you at this time, we have selected below some questions that are often asked in Job interviewscheck out:

1. Talk about you.

This is a very frequent question in a job interview, so it is very important that you know how to give an answer that values ​​your Professional Profilesafely and directly.

2. What are your goals?

Try to be specific in your answer, your objectives must be related to the company’s objectives.

3. What made you send your resume to this company?

When sending a resume to a company, it is essential to look for information about it, such as what it does. Check the institutional website, do research using search engines, read specialty magazines and talk to people who work or have worked there.

In this way, you will be able to adequately answer this question by talking about the company’s activity and how its positioning makes it a company of great interest to any professional.

4. What was the hardest decision you’ve ever made?

The purpose of this question is for candidates to be able to identify a situation in which they have been faced with a problem or doubt, showing themselves capable of solving the problem in the best possible way, analyzing the alternatives and consequences.

5. What are you looking for in a job?

This question can be answered in several ways, such as: professional and personal development, challenges, involvement, participation in a successful project or organization, contribution to the success of your company, etc.

6. Are you able to work under pressure and to deadlines?

Give a positive answer, demonstrating confidence and ability to work with defined deadlines, if possible give examples of situations experienced in previous jobs.

7. Give us a reason to choose you over other candidates??

What is expected is that the candidate knows how to “sell” his product. That is, you should focus on your skills and value your profile as the most suitable for that function and the way in which you can bring benefits and profits to the company.

8. What do you do in your spare time?

Try to be sincere, but remember that your occupations demonstrate your ability to manage your time and concerns with your personal development and ease in interpersonal relationships.

9. What are your greatest strengths?

Name those characteristics related to a good professional: pro activity, commitment, responsibility, enthusiasm, creativity, persistence, dedication, initiative, and competence.

10. What are your negative points/defects?

The answer should not be too negative, as the chances for a professional who claims to be disorganized, unmotivated or not very punctual will be reduced. The answer should start from what is normally considered a quality, but aggravating it so that it looks like a defect. For example, too demanding, perfectionistic, too self-critical, too persistent, etc.

11. How do you evaluate your last (or current) professional experience?

Do not complain or speak ill of the company and its employees. Always say something positive, either the work environment or the company’s product/service. If you start pointing out defects in your previous job, you will make the interviewer think that you will do the same with this company you intend to work for in the future.

12. To date, what were the professional experiences that gave you the most satisfaction?

Regardless of your choices, justify your reasons well. Try to mention the most recent ones that are most suited to your professional goals.

6 Tricks to pass a job interview

How to get a job interview?

There are several job sites on the market, but some are a reference in the market both for companies that are looking for labor and for people who are looking for a job or new areas of activity.

You can enter these job selection sites to register your resume, but for that it is necessary that your resume is updated and correctly formatted with the important information in it.

We selected the main sites to register resume and find a good job vacancy:



Extra: The Linkedin is a social network of professionals. In it you can find people with professional profiles. Several companies use Linkedin a lot to select people, but for that you must have a good Linkedin profile to attract these recruiters.

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