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12 incredible uses for ice

Frozen water can have numerous uses in everyday life. Take note of the most common and most unusual ways to use ice.

If you think the ice it only serves to calm the body’s inflammations and refresh drinks, you will be surprised by some of our 12 tips for using frozen water in everyday life.

Ice cubes and bags are multifunctional and, in addition to helping solve everyday problems, they are also good for your wallet and help you save money.

Take note of the many different uses you can put ice to and add this ice cream ingredient to your routine.

12 uses for ice cubes that you will love to know

Use a cube when you have a stain on your clothes and you will see its power to remove stains. In addition to being more efficient, using ice also helps to save on the water you would use to see the problem disappear.


It’s a weapon against puffy eyes

Crying or a bad night’s sleep are synonymous with puffy eyes the next morning. To help combat the problem, our tip is cold… Cold – but very effective.

Wrap two or three cubes in a face towel and apply pressure to the eyes, which must be closed for 2 minutes. Make circular movements and repeat the process. You will see that the swelling goes away.

If, by chance, you step on a piece of gum or find one stuck to your clothes, don’t despair. Ice is able to remove gum even from hair strands. But attention: do not remove it at the time. Wait for the gum to harden and only then apply the ice. Then just remove the issue.


It’s a real grease remover

Having problems with your water pipes? It could be a sign of fat accumulation. Let the ice melt over the drains and let the cold water run down the pipes.


Don’t have air conditioning? The ice freshen the air

During the hot summer months, you can place a container of ice cubes right in front of a fan and give the room an extra dose of refreshing comfort. You’ll see how fresh and pleasant the air is. This tip is especially interesting to practice before going to sleep, after all, the heat can impair rest.


Ice takes care of plants

Going on a trip and don’t have anyone to take care of your plants? We have a solution for you. Leave several cubes around the plants. Gradually melting, they will do a slow – but very effective – watering.


Makes the skin softer

How about massaging the skin of the face with an ice pack? A daily ritual of just three minutes can do wonders for your appearance. Before putting ice therapy into practice, clean your facial area and don’t forget your neck. In a few days, you’ll be able to notice the differences.


Frozen water reduces wrinkles

This ingredient can fight premature aging of your skin and this happens because it stimulates blood circulation and delays the appearance of the dreaded wrinkles. Wash your face and massage daily before applying makeup.


Ice can help fight belly fat

Make compresses on the abdomen area and let it act for 15 minutes. Take 3-minute breaks and repeat the process for a maximum of 1 hour. Ice is a powerful anti-inflammatory and will help burn fat deposits in the belly area – but don’t forget to stick to your diet and practice physical activity. Ice alone does not work miracles.


Ice can reduce acne and open pores

Applying ice to the facial area helps to close the pores and leave the skin looking healthier and well cared for. Be disciplined and massage your face with an ice pack. It only takes two minutes a day to see the advantages of this method.

In addition to closing pores, frozen water can be an excellent weapon against a very common enemy: acne. If you have a pimple, press an ice cube wrapped in a napkin over the area and let it act for a maximum of 5 minutes. Say goodbye to inflammation caused by acne.


Ice and muscle injuries

Ice can ease the discomfort of muscle injuries and prevent major complications. However, many people still get confused and use cold compresses the wrong way. Take note when using ice to treat a physical injury:

  • Use ice if you just got injured. If the area is still red and swollen, and the injury is less than 72 hours old, you can apply ice to reduce the discomfort and treat the problem.
  • If you are injured and have just finished physical activity, you can use ice packs on the affected area after exercising. It will calm the blood flow and reduce the inflammatory process.

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