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12 Images that show the ability of an artist to know the tattoo that his clients want from their drawings

Every time we ask for a tattoo, the first thing we have to face is our own idea. Most of us do not have a great ability with the pencil, the brush or any way to draw and paint.

Conveying our ideas is one of the main keys, so the more precise our drawing is, the easier it will be for the artist.

This was the problem sierra alexis he had to overcome when he decided to get a tattoo. The girl herself knew what she wanted, but she had no idea how to draw it. So the first thing she did was go to the artist with the doodle she had made on a piece of paper, ridiculous as it was:

After explaining what I really wanted to a guy who was about to transfer my idea into my body, I could only hope that he understood me well. When he tattooed me and posted it on Twitter, my followers were instantly shocked. It turns out that the tattoo artist understood exactly what I wanted”

In short, and as you will appreciate in the images, Sierra Alexis got the tattoo she had in mind thanks to the talent of the artist.

Although Sierra has just over 1,500 subscribers on Twitter, her post has already been retweeted nearly 60,000 times and has more than 280,000 likes.

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