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12 Hilarious Babies Who Are Exact Copies Of Celebrities

There is nothing that can beat how cute these babies are! Based on the fact that all babies are adorable, the little ones that we bring you today have a particular characteristic.

And it is that these babies share strange similarities with some celebrities, and when you see it you will agree with me.

From musicians to movie characters to presidential candidates, we think these babies have to be related to their celebrity doppelgangers in some way.

Their faces say it all, and they are just like the famous ones they imitate. You do not believe it? See for yourself with these images!

1. The President of the United States: Donald Trump

We know that Donald Trump has many funny faces, but this baby’s is the most

via Huffington Post

2.Simon Baker

Aren’t they just as adorable?

via Mommy Shorts

3.Steph Curry

They have sport in their veins since they were little

via Instagram / @babylandonlee | Instagram / @stephencurry30

4.John Legend

Their faces are identical!

via Instagram / @rahellaa | Instagram / @johnlegend


That look leaves everyone dazzled!

via Craze Central

6. Vladimir Putin

He looks like the same president as a kid!

via reddit / prizman | Telegraph | Reuters

7.Adam DeVine

That innocent face is not found every day

via reddit / rellik420

8. Gordon Ramsey

Demanding cooks from childhood

via Twitter / @claire8ball | Twitter / @GordonRamsay

9. Gandalf the White

You can not pass!

via reddit / [deleted] | Wikipedia

10.Chris Farley

That face makes anyone laugh!

via Mommy Shorts

11.Wallace Shawn

Are you sure it’s not him when he was little?

via reddit / Technikc

12.Mark Wahlberg

The same look that conquers everyone

via Bro My God

Didn’t you find the amazing resemblance these babies have to celebrities amazing? It’s not just that they look alike physically, but that they even make the same faces. Surely more than one has surprised you, that’s why…

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