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12 decorating ideas in the absence of space

Are you struggling to change the look of your home, due to the small size of the property? so check it out 12 decorating ideas in the absence of space on which we will comment in the following article.

12 decorating tips in the absence of space (Illustrative Photo)

With a few simple tips, you can modify the look of any environment, even if the space is reduced, creating a new climate for your home and without disturbing the movement of people, which is more important.

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What this article covers:

12 decorating ideas in the absence of space

Decorating small rooms (Illustrative Photo)

Let’s go to some tips for decorating small spaces🇧🇷

1- In a small-sized room with a rectangular plan, place the furniture on one side, freeing up the rest of the space for people to circulate.

2- In small rooms, try to group all the furniture on just one side of the room, instead of taking advantage of every corner of the room.

3- To increase the feeling of spaciousness, give preference to compact and low-height furniture.

4- The color white is a great option for walls and ceilings of small properties, as it gives the feeling of extending the environment.

5- Bet on light colors and neutral fabrics to use in the division of environments, as they also increase the feeling of spaciousness.

6- Follow the “less is more” style, reducing the number of decorative objects and choosing items proportional to the space.

Planned furniture is an interesting solution for reduced spaces (Illustrative Photo)

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7- Using mirrors to lengthen environments is a well-known technique. Worth trying.

8- Invest in custom furniture, like this example in the photo above, which features a bed, wardrobe, drawers and study table in a single piece.

9- Multipurpose and folding furniture are also excellent alternatives for optimizing small spaces. Sofa bed, bunk bed, armchair with trunk and folding table are some examples.

10- Make better use of natural light to increase the feeling of space. For this, choose curtains that protect privacy without eliminating natural light.

11- Eliminate the rugs, as they divide environments and reinforce the reduced size of that space.

12- Organize the small kitchen by installing brackets, cabinets or a fixed bar on the walls and even on the ceiling to place utensils, which will always be at hand.

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Decorated small kitchen (Illustrative Photo)

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