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12 Classic Women’s Fragrances That Always Go Home (Perfect Signature Scents!)

A fragrant perfume is clearly a Christmas gift/present that you would love to find under the tree. Below you will find 12 classic and timeless women’s fragrances that are guaranteed to make someone you care about (or yourself!) happy!

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Fragrances can be a bit tricky to buy and if you want to give away just one perfume for your mother, sister, girlfriend or partner, you don’t have to wander around unnecessarily! We’ve rounded up some of the best perfumes below – scents that really go home and are many women’s signature scents. Check out 12 classic and timeless popular “best-selling” fragrances below!

Below you will find the names of the fragrances listed in either EdP (Eau de Parfum) or Edt (Eau de Toilette). The difference between these is that EdP has a higher concentration of scent, which means that the scent stays longer.

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