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12 business ideas with wood

Beyond modernity and technological development, there are materials that are still the favorites for some articles. Therefore, business ideas with wood are still a good way to earn income.

Its durability, strength and economy make this material a great option. to make many things. Therefore, people who have carpentry skills have in their hands a great entrepreneurial alternative.

In this article we will give you some business ideas with wood so that you can apply and take advantage of your crafts.

12 business ideas with wood

Woman in a carpentry workshop thinking about business ideas with wood

Wood products are highly demanded and those who have the talent to manufacture them are faced with a great alternative to generate income. If you want to create your own business you must have various tools, but in the same way, This type of business has good profit margins.

So take advantage of your talent and let the world enjoy all your creations. If you are not sure, then we invite you to discover 12 business ideas with wood that you can apply.

1. Make repairs

Man doing repair of a wooden door.

Maintenance and repairs is a fairly large market and that will always be in demand. If you have knowledge, you can offer your services to repair wooden things for the house such as railings, shelves, furniture, stairs, among others.

The most positive thing about this idea is that you do not need to be an expert carpenter to provide this service. Also, you have many tutorials and learning tools at your fingertips that can help you better develop your skills every day.

2. Enter the construction sector

At present and in many cities, it is usual to see construction works in many sectors. There are a large number of buildings and projects that need the services of a carpenter.

If you specialize in remodeling, there you can find an excellent opportunity. Place built-in furniture, window frames, doors and other details These are some of the jobs you can do.

3. Online courses

Woman recording an online course, business idea with wood


The offer of courses grows every day and diversifies on a large scale. Although these require a lot of work and time, once you have them ready you can upload them to a platform and thus generate passive income.

If you have knowledge of carpentry you can create a course in which you teach from the most basic to creations with more work. In addition, you can give advice on how to treat this material and what are the ideal tools.

4. Create a blog

Following the line of the previous point, digitization and online platforms will be of great help. If you don’t have a large budget to sell items, you can generate a blog with tutorials on carpentry.

You can monetize your blog through different strategies such as affiliate marketing. This consists, in short, of recommending Amazon products and if a sale is generated through your link, you can get a commission.

5. Online store

Two men attending their online store of wood products.

There are many entrepreneurs who have business ideas with wood and lay them out on-line. If you think your products deserve to be in other homes, you can take some great photos and post them on your online store.

This method has great advantages and among these is that you will not need to have products in stock. On the contrary, every time someone places an order, from that moment you can make it.

We have an article that can help you do it: How to create an online store | Open yours step by step from scratch!

6. Build bookshelves

We have already touched on several service-related wood business ideas and now it is time to talk about products. It is almost impossible to find homes or offices in which there are no shelves. Its usefulness is immense, since in these you can store all kinds of elements. The good thing about these items is that their demand is usually high and from different sectors, so your customers will not be few.

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7. Frames for pictures or photos

Wood frames, business idea with wood for a venture

Other wooden items that can also leave good profit margins are picture or photo frames. There are various types, both those that hang on the wall and those that have a support to place on a surface.

Beyond the fact that digital photography has taken a leading role, it vintage It is a trend and having photos in frames is still a good option. These are easy to manufacture and can have original touches according to the client’s tastes.

8. Supports for electronic devices

On the list of wooden things that you must have today are supports for electronic devices. For both mobiles and laptops, these are in high demand as they are used in homes and offices.

And think about it, who does not have a mobile phone, tablet or laptop? Now there are few people who do not have access to these, so These types of articles have many potential customers.

9. Dog houses

House for dogs, business idea with wood

Pets have become a fundamental part of people’s lives. As reported by the newspaper La Vanguardia, in Spain from 2019 to 2021 the number of domestic dogs and cats has grown by 44%.

The figure has gone from 10.5 to 15.1 million of these pets. That’s why, building wooden houses for pets is a business idea with wood which you can take good advantage of.

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10. Gift boxes

Between ventures, great links and connections can be generated. Today there are innumerable projects that offer surprise gift boxes with all kinds of products inside.

These boxes are part of the wooden things that can be built in a simple way and that are very popular today. You can become a supplier of other enterprises that are part of this market.

11. Wooden toys

colored wooden toys

Appealing to nostalgia is one of the great strategies that brands have now and Few things evoke the past as much as a wooden toy. Unlike plastics, those made of this material age better and can be intergenerational.

So you can do different kinds of toys such as trains, wooden blocks, horses, educational toys, among others. This is one of the ideas to set up a wood business that can be used at Christmas or on Children’s Day.


12. Kitchen utensils

Among the kitchen items that can be manufactured with this material are spoons and cutting boards. These are still a classic and are very well received for their durability.

In addition to being easy to manufacture items, They are indispensable in home kitchens.. They also have the ease of being able to be manufactured in various sizes and designs, which makes them one of the good business ideas with wood.

13. Pens and pencil holders

wooden pen holder

Among the handmade wooden things that you can also offer there are products such as pens and pencil holders. These objects are used both at work and at home.

In addition to being able to be sold individually, there is the possibility of market them in quantity to sell them to companies. These are usually given in companies as corporate gifts.

14. Coat racks

Homes, clinics and offices have a rack to hang clothes. Perhaps you see them in many places and you have not thought about the good alternative they can be for your business.

There are many styles of coat rack that you can include in your business and of course, you can also manufacture them according to the needs of the client. Modernity and its advances can bring many changes, but there are things that are maintained and the coat racks are still very useful.

15. Pots

Wooden pot, business idea for an enterprise with wood

Wooden decoration objects are widely used both in homes and in premises all types. Wooden pots and boxes to cover them are items that can be custom made.

In addition to balconies and gardens, these are also often seen indoors. Its simple manufacture makes these a great business option, since they are also elements that will always be in demand.

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The 15 above are just some lumber business ideas. Others that are very popular are wooden crafts to sell and of course, the wooden furniture that will always be a great alternative.

The most important thing is that you identify what you are best at and take advantage of all the tools. It is likely that after seeing these examples you already have ideas on how to start a business selling wood.

final words

Wood has been used since time immemorial and It seems that its validity will be maintained for many more years. There may be many advances and innovations, but this will always be present in different spaces.

If you have the ability and knowledge to treat wood, do not hesitate to take advantage of your talent. It is a matter of having initiative and guiding yourself through the different wood business ideas like the ones we present in this article.

If you have wood as a carpenter, don’t hesitate to take advantage of your talent to generate income!

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