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11 tricks to follow a successful diet

Starting a diet is a difficult decision and following it long term is even more so. That is why you have to arm yourself with the best intentions, prepare yourself psychologically and know how to motivate yourself every time an obstacle arises. From Manzanaroja we give you some advice so that your diet works.

1- You are different

You are not like that. All your life you have seen yourself like this: big, in wide clothes. Your body has been decisive in your personality. But you are not like that. You are like this. your true self, your true personality, hides inside that body. Think about the things you don’t usually do because you can’t. Think of the guys you couldn’t win because you thought you weren’t up to it. Think of the dresses you couldn’t wear because you didn’t have the size. You are that wonderful being trying to get out of that body. And you can do it! Little by little, step by step, kilo after kilo, you will find that well-being that will allow you to feel beautiful inside and out. But you have to start now. Start loving yourself, pampering yourself, taking care of your body and choosing a better life. Your body is your temple. Being in shape is not just an act of vanity, it is a necessity to live well and for longer.

2- Think you are healthier

Don’t think you’re on a diet. If you start a diet you should not think that you are making a sacrifice. If the diet is balanced, it will only be about abandoning bad habits and learning healthier ones.

3- Seek happiness in relationships with others and in your hobbies

food doesn’t make you happy. Many people believe that food makes them happy, so they can’t resist a chocolate dessert or that creamy cheese that ends up being a mass of fat. Food is pleasant but it does not make us happy; you have to look for happiness in other things: relationships with others, an activity you like Every time you find yourself faced with a temptation, think if that piece of food is really going to fill you up and satisfy you… The sensation will be momentary, while the true pleasures will last longer…

4- What you don’t eat today you can eat another day

You think you can’t give up that chorizo ​​sandwich, your favorite cheese, your mid-afternoon chocolates. But that food will always be available in any supermarket in the world. So if you don’t eat it today, nothing happens, you can eat it at another time. Reserve your favorite meals for a special moment, for the weekend, for example. That does not mean that from Friday night you start stuffing yourself with food, but that you can indulge in a little extra. You can also cook Manzanaroja light desserts and occasionally replace them with bread for breakfast or as a snack.

5- Plan the weekly purchase

Following the diet will be much easier if you organize your daily meals correctly, and for that you have to do a good weekly shopping. The RedApple Diet It provides you each week with the list of all the food you have to buy. Do not go to the supermarket hungry and avoid buying those products that represent a strong temptation.

6- Re-educate your body towards a healthier diet

If you are used to eating a lot of carbohydrates and sweets, during the first days of the diet you will feel weaker and you will be very hungry. Your body is used to receiving its dose of sugars and now it is in a withdrawal situation. What you have is not hungry, it is “mono”. Knowing this will help you manage your thoughts. Take an apple or raw vegetable with you to snack on at critical moments. drink water and think that soon your body will re-educate itself and you will not need so much sugar.

If you are used to eating with a lot of fat and seasonings, the food may seem bland at first. Your palate has to get used to the new flavors, have faith that little by little it will.

7- Cook your own food and know the calories of food

Try to find the time to cook your dishes, so you can control the food. If during the week you eat in a restaurant or in the company canteen, try to choose foods with few sauces, little oil and preferably not fried. The healthiest thing is to eat steamed, grilled or boiled food. Season them with a little oil, add a lot of lemon, spices and avoid salt, which has no calories but makes you retain more fluids.

Fill your plates with vegetables and never eliminate carbohydrates. This way you will have a greater feeling of satiety.

8- Fight the saboteurs of your diet

Even if everyone knows that you have a few extra kilos, there will always be someone who will tempt you with junk food and tell you: “It’s okay for once!” For once you quit, nothing happens, but if you better control what you eat you will feel stronger and more proud of yourself. These people do not understand what it has cost you to reach that decision; explain to them that it is important for you, for your health. If they are important people in your life, you can ask them to help you respect the diet. If they are people you only see once in a while, say “No thanks, I don’t feel like it right now” and with a smile think how strong you have been!

9- With a balanced diet you do not have to go hungry

If you are following a balanced diet, with the correct amount of carbohydrates, proteins, fats and vegetables, you should not go hungry. The Manzanaroja diet is personalized and will give you the correct caloric intake to face your daily activities. If you are hungry between the 5 daily meals you can eat a piece of raw fruit or vegetable. That little snack will help you get to the next meal with a normal hunger, and not a wolf one! Don’t fast, fasting is against you.

10- Do not be in a hurry to see the results

The results will come little by little. Evolution will not always follow the same pace. So never get discouraged and keep going.

11- Do sports

Find a sport you like, a dance class or just go for a walk three times a week with your friends. It will help you not only to reactivate your metabolism and burn more calories, but also to be more positive. Plus, you’ll have less time to get bored and think about eating.

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