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10 Uncommon Tricks to Lose Weight Easily According to Science

Many of us live with the constant struggle of wanting to lose those extra kilos to look great, but we never reach our final goal because it is very complicated.

We think that to lose weight everything is diet and sport, but it is not so. Today we bring you a series of methods fully backed by science that will make you lose weight by incorporating small habits into your day to day.

Methods to lose extra kilos effortlessly

1- Sleep well

Good sleep is essential for everything, but It has been shown that it is also for the diet.

A study from the University of Pennsylvania (USA) determined that little sleep alters the part of the brain that encourages them to consume more fats and carbohydrates, that is, fattening foods.

2- Move more


Obviously we are not asking you to run a half marathon or go to the gym every day.

Is about walk to nearby places instead of taking the car or public transport. All those distances add a lot to your daily exercise and in the end it shows in a reduction in fat.

3- Eliminate temptations


This is a very simple trick, but very useful and it is that you throw away or donate to charity all those foods that make you fat. If they are not close, you will avoid falling into temptation and gaining weight.

4- Eat a lot of breakfast


Breakfast is the first meal of the day and it is what will give you energy and regulate your appetite for the rest of the day.

Therefore, if during this meal you eat enough food and of all kinds, you will be much more satisfied at lunch or dinner. The key is that breakfast gives time to metabolize and burn itwhile snack or dinner is not.

5- Do not bite


When we snack between hours, we grab something fast so as not to waste time and these snacks tend to be quite fattening. Avoid this temptation and if you fall into it, try to eat fruit so that it does not give you calories.

6- Try not to eat out


When we eat out, we don’t usually find many healthy items available on the menu, even the salads are dressed with high-calorie sauces. To avoid temptation, it is better to eat at home or take your food to work, so you will have perfect control over what you eat.

7- Do some exercise


We recommend you combine all these tricks with a little exercise to avoid the yo-yo effect and that all your effort is useless. In addition, having muscle mass means burning more calories at rest, since the muscle consumes a lot of energy.

8- Spend time in good company


This trick seems silly, but it makes a lot of sense. If you surround yourself with people who make you uncomfortable or who do not make you happy, you will be quiet and want to finish eating time quickly, so you will chew very quickly and without enjoying. On the other hand, if you are in good company you will eat slowly and help your body to metabolize better.

9- Keep the room cold


We also don’t want you to live in an igloobut the room must be cool, since your own body, the adipose tissue, will burn more energy to ensure that your body is warm, and that will have an impact on weight loss.

10- Eat the soup first


Try to eat low-calorie soups before lunch so that you get to the second course and the most satiated dessert, reducing the calories you are going to eat throughout the day.

What are the Turks you use to lose weight? Are you going to apply any of them in your diet?

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