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10 typical mistakes that make us gain weight in the morning and we don’t realize it

It’s no secret that eating healthy and exercising are the keys to losing weight, however, those are not the only things to consider if you want to lead a healthy lifestyle.

The truth is that if we want to lose weight easily, we must start the day on the right foot, and that means not making the typical mistakes we make in the morning.

Take a look at the top behaviors that are making it hard for you to lose weight:

1- Sleeping too much

Just as not getting enough rest is harmful, sleeping too much can also be counterproductive.

Spending too many hours in bed increases the chances of suffering diabetes and heart disease.

Also, if you are one of those who is always pressing the “snooze” button, it is most likely that you get up in a hurry and do not have time to have a proper breakfast.

2- Skip breakfast

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By skipping breakfast, you will be doing your metabolism a disservice and will make the rest of the meals have to be heavier.

In addition to increase your energy and stabilize glucose levelsgood breakfast too helps lower cortisol levels in the blood (the stress hormone).

3- Forget to go through the scale

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Keeping track of your weight loss progress is a great way to keep motivated.

In order to properly track your weight, stepping on the scale will be the first thing you should do in the morning after going to the bathroom (every ounce helps, right?)

4- Check notifications as soon as you get up

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If the first thing you do is pick up your phone and keep your face on the screen before you can even open your eyes, you’ll be setting yourself up for complete failure.

If you get too sidetracked by an email or a photo one of your friends uploaded, you’ll be wasting vital time needed to complete a healthy routine for the rest of the morning.

5- Choose uncomfortable clothes

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Each job needs a specific type of uniform, so sometimes there is not much to choose from, however, choosing comfortable clothes when we go out is essential.

If you choose to wear a tight suit or wear high heels, you’ll be less inclined to use stairs or take a quick walk during your lunch hour. If losing weight is really an important goal for you, opt for comfortable clothing that do not prevent you from moving during the day. Every step you take counts.

6- Eating the wrong carbohydrates

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Carbohydrates are a very important part of any diet as they are one of the main sources of energy. However, eating too many of these nutrients at breakfast could increase your cravings and cause you to overeat for the rest of the day.

7- Skip meditation

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Practicing a little meditation in the morning could help you lose weight. Deep breathing and relaxing music help lower blood pressure and cortisol levels, which as we said before, is the stress hormone. If you start the day stressed, you are more likely to experience a increased appetite and therefore a weight gain.

8- Do not stretch

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Morning stretches will help you relax sore muscles, clear your mind and prepare your body for the rest of the day.

You don’t need to spend 20 minutes stretching every morning, just doing some light exercises to prevent injury for 3-4 minutes will give you the energy boost you need.

9- Start the day in the dark

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Sunlight is your friend! Start the day by opening the blinds and letting the sunlight fill the room. In addition to improve your moodnatural light clear your mind and prepare your body to last the rest of the day. And remember, more energy means more willingness to exercise.

10- Skip the glass of water in the morning

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While still fasting, drink a cup of cold water to help your body maintain balance between nutrients, body temperature and facilitate the digestion of food.

A single glass of water first thing in the morning will jump-start your body and fill your stomach, making you less likely to overeat at breakfast.

How many of these bad habits do you currently practice? Leave your answer in the comments!

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