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10 TV Stars Nobody Could Put Up With Because They Were Unbearable

Do not think that television series are full of good vibes and friends because, although sometimes the protagonists do get along well with their companions, on many occasions things do not end well and everyone hates them. We show you the most striking cases of the world of acting.

Celebrities they hated in their own series

1- Will Smith in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Believe it or not, Will Smith did not like his co-stars in the series that launched him to fame or at least so says Janet Hubert.

The actress accused the actor of her dismissal, although he has defended himself against the accusations.

2- Julianna Margulies in The Good Wife

The absolute protagonist of this series did not get along as well as we thought as her companions. In fact, rumors suggest that she could not stand Archie Panjabi, another of the protagonists. To the point of not recording a scene with her.

Panjabi ended up leaving the series and as a farewell they have a scene together that was assembled by computer.

3- Isaiah Washington in Grey’s Anatomy


He was fired from the series for homophobic slurs towards fellow cast member TR Knight. Needless to say, no one liked him. to the point that he fell out with Patrick Dempsey over it.

4- Charlie Sheen in Two and a Half Men

The actor was fired after finishing the eighth season because no one could put up with his behavior. He forgot the scripts, appeared drunk on set, criticized the series publicly and had been indicted in his personal life on domestic violence charges by his wife at the time Brooke Mueller.

5- Shannen Doherty in Feeling of Living and Charmed

She was fired from both series and none of her peers have a good memory of her. Those of Sensación de Vivir are the ones who have spoken the most about her and say that she behaved like a diva, that she had a fistfight with Jennifer Garth and that they could not stand her.

6- Lea Michele and Naya Rivera in Glee

The actresses had more than one fight during the filming of the series and, although Lea has taken it upon herself to speak well of her partner to avoid problems, Rivera recounted in his latest book that the person to blame for the delays in the recordings it was Michele and her diva demeanor.

7- Kirk Cameron in Growing Trouble

Everything was going well until at the age of 17 he converted to Christianity and demanded that the scripts and his series be tailored to his beliefs.

8- Teri Hatcher in Desperate Housewives

The group of leading women remains very close over the years and the proof of this is the expressions of affection that we see today on their social networks. Nevertheless, Eva Longoria declared that Teri Hatcher “was very lonely” and adds «Felicity Huffman, Marcia Cross and I were much closer and we liked being in each other’s company. But not Teri.

9- January Jones in Mad Men

The actor James Gilmore is clear: “January Jones is ornery”she said about her co-star.

10- Misha Barton in The OC

Many of syour colleagues have talked about her now that the series is no longer on the air and almost no one has done it for good. From calling her a diva to saying they couldn’t stand her.

Did you know that these celebrities had been so hated in their series?

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