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10 Tricks you can try to look better in improvised photos

Thanks to the wonderful social networks, someone pulling out a cell phone on a night out can cause many of us the same fear as any of our worst nightmares.

It is very hard to constantly live in fear of appear in a Facebook photo that you have to regret for the rest of your days.

But what about that friend who always looks amazing in photos? How is it possible that she never comes out with her eyes closed, looking like she’s drunk too much or with her eyes as red as blood? What is her secret?

Being photogenic is not just having a pretty face. There are many aspects that must be mastered to be ideal in the photographs.

Here we show you 10 photography tips that will ensure you an unforgettable snapshot:

1- Know your “good” side

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Most people know about their “good side,” but according to fashion photographer Garance Doré (and a scientific study), generally the left side of face is usually the most attractive. Keep this in mind the next time you take a photo.

2- Pay attention to where you stand

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When you take a group photo, try not to stay too close to the camera if you don’t want your body to appear disproportionately large. Try to put yourself in the same plane as the rest of the people who will appear in the photo.

3- Find the right angle

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According to fashion blogger Chriselle Lim, taking a picture from a low angle visually stretch your figure. Set the tripod at waist height or ask your photographer to lean down a bit, this will make your body appear taller and slimmer making you look taller and slimmer.

4- Do not look directly at the camera

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turn head slightly it’s more interesting than looking directly at the camera. This way you will give more depth to your facial features. Hello cheekbones!

5- Direct your photographer

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When you are seated, ask your photographer to take the picture from above and tilt your face up to look at the camera. With this little trick you will get to define your jaw. “A photo from above is a godsend!”

6- Get the perfect frame

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If you’re the lucky person to post the image, crop and adjust it to fit your body is framed in the photo. This will create the illusion of vertical length (meaning you’ll look much taller).

7- Smile naturally

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But to achieve this, there are also some small tips: Close your eyes, take a deep breath, open your eyes before the photo is taken, and smile. This is advice that really works.

8- Put your tongue behind your teeth when you smile

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Putting your tongue behind your teeth when you smile will help you avoid a too wide smile. Just remember to smile with your eyes so you don’t look sad.

9- Avoid red eyes

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look towards the light just before taking a photo it will reduce the pupils, helping to minimize the dreaded red-eye.

10- Hide the double chin

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Stretch your neck and move your face slightly forward if you want to avoid the dreaded double chin. Keep this tip in mind and put it into practice just before looking at the camera.

You already know everything you need to pose like a real model!

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