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10 Tricks and maneuvers from the movies that often go unnoticed

Cinema is advancing by leaps and bounds and it seems like yesterday when we were surprised to see Neo dodge bullets in the Matrix.

Many more are used today. tricks for filmingnot only technology and post-production that make movies seem much more real, and above all that capture us and make us dream.

Today we tell you some of these tricks which are used in most of the movies we currently watch so you know how we’ve been fooled so far.

What Hollywood movies hide:

1- Fake crowds


In movies that have a high budget, they use extras to shoot the scenes where there are large crowds.

However, not all production companies have that much money, and a very effective trick for these scenes is to place mannequins, that with the help of technology and post-production, they will look like real people when we see them on screen.

2- Vomiting

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Vomiting scenes are never enjoyable, neither for those who watch them nor for those who film them. A very typical scene in movies when you want to exaggerate the situation is to see the actor vomit in all directions.

To achieve this, a vomit projector is usually installed in the actor’s hand attached to a pressure tank which is hidden and is activated when the right time comes.

3- Sex

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Engrave sex scenes it never becomes a habit for actors and can be uncomfortable, so there are numerous tricks to make them feel a little better. The first thing that is done is to leave as few workers as possible on the set.

On the other hand, actresses usually wear underwear the color of your skin and the genital protector actors so that their areas do not rub against each other. Another little trick is to place small pillows between them and thus avoid further contact.

4- Smoking

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It’s normal to see actors smoking in movies even if they don’t in real life, but these cigarettes won’t harm your health by not contain nicotine.

In fiction, cigars made with natural products are used to simulate the effect of tobacco without any consequences for the actor.

5- Simulation

The actors must pretend that they are doing something or talking to someone who is not really there, since as in this case, the dragon is added later in post-production. It is intended that at least I have a form similar to what it will be in the future to facilitate the work of the actor.

6- Cut a limb

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In some films it is seen, as an extreme case, how the protagonist suffers the limb amputation.

To give it a more realistic appearance, a prosthesis is placed on his skin so that it appears that when he begins to cut his arm, the blood that flows and the wounds are real. When the cut must be deepened, more advanced techniques and post-production are used.

7- Drugs


Two different techniques are used to simulate the drugs we see in movies. On the one hand, if the drug is only to be seen, the technicians use a mixture of flour, sugar and yeast.

If, on the other hand, the actor has to snort said drug for the scene, it is used lactose powder It does not affect the body when inhaled.

Another little trick regarding drugs is the use of a straw to snort. This straw is filled with Vaseline which causes most of the dust to stay there and not reach the actor’s nose.

8- Blood


Every movie artist and makeup artist has their own recipe for simulating blood and making it look real, but most contain at least syrup and food coloring. Chocolate was used in black and white movies.

9- Broken glass


In almost every action movie you can see a scene in which the protagonist breaks a window. It seems that he does it in a simple way and it is normal if we take into account that this crystal is usually made of sugar.

if you saw a crystal of sugar next to a real glass you would not be able to distinguish them, but due to its complexity when creating it, the producers also use thin sheets of plastic.

10- Twins

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When twins have to appear in a movie, the normal thing for the production company is to use the same actor in both roles. It’s easier for them to find an actor of the characteristics they need and then use the magic of post-production than having to search for identical twins.

For the scenes in which both brothers must be on camera there are several recording techniques, Among them is using a double while the actor plays a brother and then re-recording playing the other brother.

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