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10 Tips to Increase Your Social Capital and Enrich Your Life

Sometimes we are so focused on money and achieving those professional goals that we forget the true value of social capital.

You should also invest time and energy in this social sphere if you really want to achieve the goals you have in your life; both financial, personal, social, among others.

That is why in this article we are going to share 10 practical tips to increase your social capital, the one that often opens doors for us, presents us with new opportunities and brings us closer to our goals.

How to increase your social capital in an easy way:

To succeed in success, we not only need economic capital. In fact, many times the doors open more often to people who know the right people, rather than those who have large sums of money.

And with this we are not talking about relating out of interest, or thinking about what you can get from the new people you meet. On the contrary, when you understand social capital, you begin to focus on offering value to others and contributing to their lives.

So let go of the idea that all you need to be successful in life is financial freedom.

This is just one factor in the success equation, so pay attention to the following tips to increase your social capital, surround yourself with better people and enrich your life.

1. Focus on what you can offer, not what you need

When you work from abundance and not from necessity, everything aligns and you begin to enhance that positive energy that, without a doubt, has a notable impact on your life.

Also, when you focus on everything you have to offer, you are strengthening your skills, you are giving importance to what you are capable of doing for others, and this is an unmatched value.

So when you feel that the problems are beyond you, put yourself in the task of doing something for someone, this simple fact will remind you of all that you can achieve just by proposing it and you will feel useful.

Finally, people surround themselves with those who add value to them, who make them grow, who more than ask, offer and serve.

2. Add value to your friends

In a group of friends there is always diversity. Although they are united by common goals or shared interests, there is undoubtedly a combination of personalities that makes the bond much more diverse.

In this case you may be wondering: How do I generate a differential value for my friends?

The answer lies in enriching your social capital through your closest group, contributing what you know and even what you are.

Each one will have different strengths, contribute from your place without competing, without envying, without criticizing and much less judging based on your perspective.

Respect is the fundamental pillar of any relationship, follow that path and you will be successful in your connections with other people at any level.

3. Learn to listen to the ideas of others

This point is very clear but maybe you should practice it: listen more than you talk.

The reason for this is because many times we get used to being listened to without allowing the other to give their opinion or share their own experiences.

This is why it is so important to open the panorama, because it makes us generate bonds of empathy and this shows us that, just as we go through good and bad times, the rest of the world is in the same position.

Remember that listening is so valuable, that it is a skill that you should cultivate if you want to increase your social capital considerably.

You will learn things that perhaps you did not know, you will have insights that will give you another look at your own internal struggles, and you will become an excellent ally of those around you.

4. Create a fund to meet people

This is one of the tips of the richest man in Asia, allocate a fund to meet other people.

If you are shy, don’t know how to approach new people or can’t find suitable spaces, we tell you that there are many alternatives that you can take advantage of.

If we think about it on a financial level, it is convenient for you to create a fund or set aside a little of your personal budget for these activities that will lead you, without a doubt, to Increase your share capital.

How? Very simple, use that money to have a coffee, schedule a meeting such as lunch, dinner or a drink after working with people who you feel will contribute positively to your life.

This will not only make you nurture valuable relationships, but you will meet new people and you will not have to worry about the extra expense that this represents.

5. Attend events in your industry or sector

networking event tips

What better time to increase your social capital than at events that bring together people with your same professional interests?

This is an excellent opportunity to share your knowledge. You will also be able to talk about topics that you are passionate about and that, most likely, will open doors that you had not considered or that you were looking for a long time.

Making this type of relationship is truly effective, it can even be more powerful if you are just starting to work in a particular market.

Not only do you share what you know, but you learn whenever you are willing to do so and naturally admit that you still have many things to know.

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6. Meet the friends of your friends

For this reason it is so important to know how to choose our friends, because this choice determines the quality of our environment.

Once you give yourself the task of building good friendships, make sure you know that close outer circle, who are the friends of your friends, and who will help you increase your social capital.

Many times we find affinity with people that we did not take into account, and this does not mean that we have underestimated their presence, but rather that we did not know that we had points in common.

In this way when you are in the task of meeting new peoplewhat can be better than those that your friends have previously chosen.

It’s almost a filter, because your friends’ choices speak about them and if you trust their judgment, you’ll understand that their other friends are part of the value they have to offer you.

7. Keep in touch with them frequently

Have you heard that relationships are like plants? Yes, you have to cultivate them, “water” them and be very attentive to them because the quality of your connections and alliances will depend on that contact.

It’s not enough that you ask from time to time how your friends and acquaintances are and then disappear (although we must admit that some ties are not broken with time or distance).

However, continuous contact makes you know how those people who are important to you are doing, what processes they are going through and how you can be part of the solution.

The support of those who know you is one of the most powerful sources when it comes to overcoming difficulties, and in the same way, to share the achievements and victories.

Do not stop being in the lives of your loved ones, this guarantees you a very valuable social capital.

8. Connect with people through LinkedIn

This is another of the smartest ways to increase your social capital by taking advantage of all the power of the networks and digital channels that we have today.

Globalization has opened doors that we did not have years ago. One of them is to have the ability to know how certain aspects work in other parts of the world.

This generates an unlimited connection, and if you think of it in terms of this punctual network such as LinkedIn, then you will know that you can take advantage of it.

Whether you are looking for new business, a job or expanding your professional network, this is the solution you need.

In addition to learning about the most successful companies and how they are configured in such a way that they become great references, you can also do it by taking full advantage of this channel.

9. Take advantage of the power of social networks

It is indisputable that social networks have changed the way we see the world forever.

Although we must be cautious, we cannot stop exploring them, knowing of course that they are a way to advertise as people, companies or brands.

So use them wisely, enjoy the content that others share and follow those that can fuel your curiosity and foster positive changes in your life.

Contact those people with whom you think you can generate healthy links, keep up with those friends that you see little but through their publications you can accompany them in joys and sorrows.

You can also do your thing by posting on your social networks everything you want to share with that digital community that you are creating.

Take advantage of networks and increase your social capital in a responsible and transparent way.

10. Be present on important dates

It may be that by nature you are not very expressive or you do not like crowds.

This is completely natural and understandable, but it is something that you can overcome when someone really is important to you, setting your limits and being very sincere with your achievements.

Being present on important dates such as birthdays, professional celebrations, anniversaries, launches, etc. It will allow you to be part of moments that mark the history of the people around you.

Much more valuable is being present when they really need you, when someone loses a loved one, or their plans don’t go as planned, a separation, among many other things that are often difficult to cope with alone.

So now you know, don’t miss birthdays and celebrations, and accompany when happiness also seems distant.

Your social capital could change your life:

It sounds blunt and it is. Many things depend on your social capital because it is linked to different facets of your life as a human being.

It is in your hands to work on it from selflessness, respect, transparency, commitment without changing your essence.

Although it is something that will make a difference in how you live, it should not be seen as a strategy in which you are going to pretend to be someone to achieve a specific objective.

Increase your social capital and see the impact this has on your life starting today.

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