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10 tips to clean negative karma and turn it into positive

Karma is an idea based on Hinduism and Buddhism that basically talks about the consequences of our actions, that is, what we say, do and even think we get back. However, many people have the misconception that karma is synonymous with justice.

The reality is that the perception of karma is neutral because it is we who have the freedom to act in a certain way, and the way we do it is what we will have in return.

According to YogaJournal.com, the current idea of ​​karma is wrong because we focus on future rewards. Namely, karma is not about a motivation to get something positive, but to focus on our actions in the present to feel privileged all the time; nor is it the justice of the universe since we ourselves receive what we sow.

And it is that, being energy, karma conforms to the universal law of cause and effect. If the vibe we express is positive, it will come back to us in the same way, just like the negative one. That is why it is important to be aware of your present acts.

Next, We tell you 10 tips that you can follow to start working with positive karma and cleanse the negativeaccording to WeMystic.com, a site specializing in astrology and spirituality.

1. Keep quiet

When you are under the influence of strong emotions, mainly those caused by feelings such as anger, resentment, etc., learn to control yourself. Don’t talk, stay quiet, breathe and channel your energy; silence is one of the main ways to clear karma.

2. Do not judge others

On the basis that we are all different, we should not judge the actions of others. If we respect we will get the same in return.

3. Focus on what makes you happy

What makes your neighbor happy is probably not the same as what makes you happy, but wanting what he has arouses envy. That’s why you have to focus on what enlightens you, motivates you and makes you happy.

4. Keep going

Many times we get stuck in memories of the past. You have to remember that the past no longer exists, and although it had consequences, you don’t have to fight, resist or hold on to it; You have to accept and move on.

5. Live with hope and faith

Every day we could have negative experiences, but what can keep you afloat is the hope and faith that everything will get better thanks to you and your good deeds.

6. Forgive and free yourself

Never stay tied to resentment. If they hurt you, release yourself and forgive. Remember that negative thinking generates negative karma.

7. Meditate your actions

Get in the habit of meditating for a few seconds on how you will act and what you will say next. Analyze the consequences and effects of all your moves. Also, take a moment at night to think about everything you did that day and what you can do better the next day.

8. Visualize positive things

Don’t let negative thoughts take over your mind. Do the exercise of imagining only positive things

9. Always speak positive

Karma works by the energy you imprint on it. Speak and think positive, so the universe will return the best for you.

10. Love without expecting anything in return

If you give sincere love, you will receive love. It doesn’t matter if the person is interested or has harmed you, he will have the reasons for it. Pure love is about expressing kindness without expecting anything in return.

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