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10 tips to avoid falling into Black Friday traps

Black Friday is a date that offers unmissable prices on all merchandise. Usually Black Friday here in Brazil takes place at the end of November, in São Paulo, for example, it will happen on November 26, 2021 and most people are already waiting for that date. Therefore pay attention to the tips we are going to give you so you don’t fall into a trap??

10 tips to avoid falling into Black Friday traps (Photo: Disclosure)

10 tips to avoid falling into Black Friday traps (Photo: Disclosure)

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It is very common for people to get excited and buy on Black Friday without doing research and falling into a cold one. Even offering many advantages, it is exactly in this scenario that consumers need to be very careful, because sometimes the discounts are not real, what happens is that some stores are dishonest and deceive the consumer. Long before Black Friday, it is important to research the prices of products to verify that the discounts that stores are offering are real discounts. So it doesn’t hurt to check the tips that we have below to avoid falling into traps when shopping on Black Friday??

Black Friday shopping tips

1st tip – Visit the store

Before buying, try to obtain more information about the store you are going to buy, such as CNPJ, Corporate Name, among others;

2nd tip – Research the Store’s reputation

You can enter the store’s website and see the advertisement here. If the store does not have it, look for PROCON in the list that informs the sites that are not recommended for shopping;

3rd tip – Product on sale

Check if the product on the website is part of Black Friday, not all products in stores are part of the promotion;

Tip 4 – Compare prices

Price comparison is essential for you to confirm the promotion. Sometimes the price of the promotion is the same as it was before it and people delude themselves into thinking they are getting a great deal;

Tip 5 – Investigate payment methods

Check if the price of the merchandise on Black Friday is in cash or can be paid in installments. Sometimes the discount is only valid for cash payment. Goods in installments change in price;

Tip 6 – Only buy from well-known websites

Try to shop on well-known sites, as sometimes these smaller and lesser-known sites can be fraud and you run the risk of falling into a trap;

Tip 7 – Have protection

To shop online, it is important that you have antivirus, antispyware, firewall and everything possible to prevent other users from having access to your personal information;

Tip 8 – Delivery time and shipping

Check that the store has a delivery date and how long it will take to get the goods to you. It is important to emphasize that if there is no merchandise in stock, the consumer must wait for it to arrive and then deliver it. Another important item is for shipping, if it is free, no problem, but if paid, check the amount, because sometimes it is not worth it, even if the merchandise is on sale;

9th tip – Save information

That’s right, it’s very important that you keep all the information about the purchase, such as email, purchase confirmation and everything else;

10th tip – Exchange conditions and delivery time

It is very important to read the store’s information very carefully at the time of purchase, if it provides a deadline for the delivery of the goods, if it has a deadline for exchanging the goods, as sometimes it may come with a defect. Always open the box with the goods at the time of delivery to check if the product is inside the box, especially if it is a cell phone.

Following the tips above you will be able to make excellent purchases taking advantage of Black Friday.

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