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10 tips for winter decoration 2018

check out winter decor tips 2018šŸ‡§šŸ‡· The cold season is coming and with it, the need to make some changes to the look of the house. It is necessary to bet on colors, objects and materials capable of making the environments warmer and more welcoming.

House ready to receive the winter. (Photo: Reproduction/Colchicine)

When winter comes, people behave differently. They stay at home longer and seek thermal comfort in every corner of the home. Even if the property is spacious, with tiled floors and white walls, it is possible to heat it up and value the main decoration trends.

What this article covers:

Winter decorating tips 2018

Do you want to make your home beautiful and cozy in winter? So check out some winter decorating tips below:

  1. use neutral tones

Neutral tones are on the rise in decorating environments, especially black, white and gray. These colors, marked by sobriety, can be used to decorate the living room, bedroom, kitchen, among other spaces. The result is a minimalist and chic composition.

Bet on neutral colors.(Photo: Reproduction/ FeltRooms)

Bet on neutral colors.(Photo: Reproduction/ FeltRooms)

  1. geometric prints

So that the decoration of the house does not fall into monotony, it is very important to bet on geometric prints. These patterns combine with contemporary styles, such as chevron, plaid and striped.

  1. Use pillows and blankets

In winter, it’s natural to feel the need to leave the house warm. One way to do this is by using pillows and blankets in the decor. Use these pieces to decorate the bed, armchairs or even the sofa.

The winter decor in the living room looks amazing with blankets and pillows. If the upholstery is smooth, for example, choose colorful and patterned accessories. This detail, apparently so simple, makes the living area of ā€‹ā€‹the house much warmer.

  1. shag rug

As soon as the cold season starts, you can bet on furry rug decoration for the living room. This type of fabric is super cozy and manages to keep the space warm.

  1. scandinavian design
Scandinavian Design is an interesting option.  (Photo: Reproduction/Homerefiner)

Scandinavian Design is an interesting option. (Photo: Reproduction/Homerefiner)

This story of filling the decor with objects and prints is a thing of the past. The trend of the moment is to bet on a Scandinavian design, that is, totally minimalist. To enhance this style, bet on straight lines, simple shapes and neutral colors.

  1. earthy tones

People are often in doubt about the ideal colors for winter decoration. Earthy tones, for example, are able to make a space warmer and more cozy. When decorating, use brown, terracotta and beige.

  1. decorate with wood

Home decor for winter also calls for a special material, that is, capable of warming and stimulating the feeling of coziness. Wood is a good choice to create a cozy atmosphere, it can appear in furniture or wall cladding.

Room decorated for winter.  (Photo: Reproduction/Mopcom)

Room decorated for winter. (Photo: Reproduction/Mopcom)

  1. yellow light

Do you still have questions about how to decorate your house in winter? So invest in lighting with yellow light. The lamp with this color makes the decor more intimate, especially in the double bedroom.

  1. Handmade products

Handmade products make the house more cozy, therefore, they minimize the feeling of cold. When decorating, bet on pieces that value manual work, such as paintings and ceramic pieces.

  1. thick fabric curtains

It is not necessary to dress the windows with dark and patterned curtains, but it is worth looking for a model made of thick fabric.

Winter Decoration Pictures

Below we have selected some photos of decorations that took your breath away. You can pick up ideas for decorating your home according to the layout of your home and furniture you have. Use creativity and make something that will please you and your visitors:

put the winter decorating tips into practice and your home will certainly have cozy environments. If you have any other suggestions for decorating the residence on cold days, leave a comment.

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