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10 tips for organizing a child’s room

The children’s room is undoubtedly a place that remains a great challenge not only for mothers, but also for maids to organize in order to clean the environment satisfactorily. However, this is an inherent task not only for the mother but also for the child, who must take responsibility and learn to organize her belongings.

So, if you want to know more, here are some tips for tidying a child’s room and enjoy a cleaner and more comfortable environment for everyone:

See how to organize your little one’s room in a useful and efficient way (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

1 – Educate your child

There’s no point in always staying behind the child, picking up the remnants left by his games. Teach your child to tidy their room it is an arduous task, but a great proof of love, because this way the little one will understand the importance of order and organization and will apply this teaching until the end of his life, becoming someone more efficient and even with the ideas and thoughts in order.

2 – Be the role model

In this context, there is also no point in transmitting good values ​​when you yourself are not organized and leave your clothes and belongings lying around the house. Setting an example is key to teach the child to tidy the room and not only that, but also to prepare for life.

3 – Everything in its place

One of Tips for tidying up your child’s room it is to have organizing boxes and shelves on hand, in order to clearly define the location of each object. Separate the toys well according to their type and pay attention to the small parts.

Have shelves and resources that aim to facilitate the organization (Photo: Disclosure)

4 – Keep the house clean

Clean or hire a domestic cleaning professional to carry out this service at least once a week, as this way the risk of gathering dust and having the health of family members harmed becomes much smaller.

5 – Do not do what is not up to you

Before the process of teach a child good manners, many mothers make the mistake of accommodating the little one and doing their homework and other tasks that are not up to you to do. That’s why, teach your child to be organizedshowing him that in life there are responsibilities from an early age.

6 – Rules for all family members

There is no point in following all these tips if there is a bad example within the family, such as the father of the child who does nothing or even the older brother. Change the structure of your home and introduce collective and individual rules, so that everyone takes care of what is their own and what belongs to everyone.

Establish rules inherent to each member of the family and do not create preferences among children (Photo: Disclosure)

7 – The responsibilities for each age

See below the responsibilities according to each agein order not to overwhelm your child during their growth process:

From 3 to 4 years old, children can already learn to dress themselves and help adults with objects that do not offer danger in the kitchen. When putting away the toys, the adult must be there to guide them, but from the age of 4 the child can already have a defined routine and schedules to play and do their homework.

At the age of 5 or 6, the child can start tidying up his room and toys, using a damp cloth to remove dust, helping to set or clear the table, water the plants, etc. From 7 to 9, the child should answer the phone and receive messages, as well as helping to take care of younger siblings.

From 10 to 12 years old, the child should learn to cook and wash clothes, which can be helped by receiving an allowance, so that the little one understands the importance of work in society.

8 – Teach detachment

A very important point to organize the child’s room it’s teaching the little one to work detachment. Many boys and girls no longer use a particular toy, but insist on leaving them in storage, just accumulating space and dirt. Therefore, in a playful way, explain as if the toy had life, that he is sad and would like a new owner to play with him more often. Teach the little one to work with generosity from an early age, donating what no longer serves him so that the object can serve another child in a more useful way.

Teach the child to work on detachment and thus become a more conscious citizen in the future (Photo: Disclosure)

9 – Smart organization

Leave the most frequently used toys on display so that the child does not dismantle the organization every day in need of a toy that is more preferred.

10 – Nothing a good conversation can’t solve

Finally, always talk to your child and never use violence or high tones of voice to educate, because the tendency of this attitude is to make the child grow up angry or very afraid, becoming a coward for life. Always treat her as a human being and never as someone inferior to you by age or condition of being your child. In this way, coexistence will be harmonious and very pleasant for everyone in your home.

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