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10 tips for decorating with pillows

check out 10 tips for decorating with pillows and make your home much more beautiful. Cushions can be considered key pieces in decoration. They contribute to the feeling of warmth within an environment, in addition to style and good taste.

10 tips for decorating with pillows. (Ilustrative Photo)

If you want to change the look of a space, such as the living room, you don’t need to paint the walls or change the furniture. Try changing the pillow covers and automatically the decoration takes on a new air. In addition to favoring comfort, these pieces also manage to print more personality in the environment.

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What this article covers:

There are thousands of pillows available for sale in stores, which are distinguished by size, shape, colors, prints and finish. If you want to make the room look amazing, see below 10 tips for decorating with pillows🇧🇷

1. Modern decoration

Modern decor is one that fights excess and values ​​the simplest elements. To align with this style, the pillows must be large and arranged in smaller quantities. Models with strong colors and geometric patterns are also welcome.

Modern decor with pillows. (Ilustrative Photo)

2. Classic decoration

Choose pillows with classic prints, such as florals and stripes. When arranging the pieces on the sofa, seek maximum symmetry and formality.

3. Tone on Tone

If you want to enhance the tone-on-tone technique, then choose pillows with a similar color to the sofa. The combination is very simple and beautiful, just be careful not to make the environment monotonous.

4. Colorful pillows

Decorative colorful pillows. (Ilustrative Photo)

In a living room where the predominant colors are neutral, the best option is to work with colored pillows. That’s right! You’ll have the chance to create spots of color on the sofa and armchairs, making the room more cheerful.

5. Complementary colors

Not sure which pillow color to choose? So invest in complementary colors. To assess which are the perfect matches, look at the color wheel. A tone that apparently has nothing to do with it can be the solution.

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6. Fun Pillows

Fun pillows are responsible for giving a “new face” to the sofa or any other corner of the house. They usually bet on prints of bands, movies, series, objects and product labels. Decor becomes humorous with these pieces.

Fun pillows. (Ilustrative Photo)

7. Pillows for summer

Summer calls for pillows that value the feeling of freshness, as is the case with those that value light blue, mint green and white.

8. Winter pillows

In winter, the challenge is to heat the rooms in the house. Therefore, bet on pillows with warm colors, such as orange, yellow and red.

9. Mix of prints, colors and textures

Bet on a mix of colors and prints. (Ilustrative Photo)

There is a decoration trend that values ​​the mix of prints, colors and textures when it comes to cushions. Therefore, mix different shades and patterns, taking care not to overwhelm the room.

10. Cushion as a work of art

You can use pillows in the decoration as if they were true works of art. To do this, buy unique pieces, hand-painted or handcrafted.

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What’s up? Approved the 10 tips for decorating with pillows🇧🇷 So now all you have to do is select the best pieces for your home. Continue to the World of Tribes and see other decoration materials.

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