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10 Things Your Partner Can Do When They Don’t Love You Anymore

Do you have doubts about whether your partner still loves you as he did before? Or are you at the beginning of the relationship and you don’t know if the other’s feelings are sincere?

Each person is different and demonstrates things in a different way. However, there are certain signs that can help you discover the truth.

Things your ‘partner’ usually does when they don’t love you

Tell you that he wants a “special” relationship but not for you to be a couple

If he tells you that yours is “special” but that right now he doesn’t want to tie himself up with anyone He is suggesting that you be friends because he wants to be able to continue flirting with others.

He knows that you are in love with him or her and as long as he or she has a good time with you, he or she will continue with the game. But it probably won’t take long for him to get bored of yours.

Appears only when you notice that another person is interested in you

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If he only shows up when he realizes someone else is interested in you, it’s probably not because he’s afraid of losing you, but because need constant competitionand a relationship without this kind of “emotion” is not interesting for that person.

It disappears and reappears constantly

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If you’re okay when you’re together, but he keeps disappearing, it’s not because he needs time to come to terms with you, or because he’s testing your patience, or because he’s having problems at work. Most likely not interested in you as a life partner.

He never proposes to stay

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If you spend hours talking on whatsapp or on the phone, but he never suggests that you meet in person, it’s not that he’s not ready to meet you, he most likely is. be afraid of your own feelings and I don’t want to stay with you. He likes to talk, but nothing else.

Start a conversation and then disappear

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If he constantly starts a conversation with you and then stops replying to your messages, it probably isn’t that he has important business to attend to or has run out of battery, rather it’s that I wanted to check that you are therethat you continue to listen to him.

He spends time missing and when he comes back he acts like nothing

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If he hasn’t shown any signs of life for a while, and suddenly he appears acting normal, don’t think he was too busy and didn’t have time to write to you, all he wants to check is if “whatever I do” you will continue to be there.

He doesn’t want to talk about the future

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If when you try to talk about the future he becomes mysterious and angry, he is probably not the best candidate for a serious relationship. He likes the way things are in the present, but does not want anything else. He doesn’t want to talk about the future because he doesn’t want changes.

act like a friend

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Yes you talk constantly and hang out a lot with friendsThis does not mean that yours is a loving relationship. You are probably great friends and he loves being with you, but nothing more. He doesn’t think of you as a couple.

He doesn’t introduce you to his family and friends

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If you act like a couple in many ways, but he has never introduced you to his family or friends, and you always go to events separately; you may not care as much about you as your inner circle or He doesn’t want anyone to know that you’re a couple.because perhaps not even he or she sees you that way.

He doesn’t spend much time with you

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If you meet sporadically after work, but he’s always very busy and he doesn’t have more time for you to see each other; it is likely that he is only looking for a sexual partner, someone to have a good time with, but nothing more. Maybe even have a family.

Does your partner show you some of these things? Do you think they show that he no longer loves you? Tell us in the comments!

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