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10 Things you should take to avoid fluid retention in the body

Water retention is a buildup of excess fluid in the body, which causes your hands, feet, legs, and ankles to swell. This uncomfortable condition is also known as edema..

Having excess fluid can make you weigh more than you actually do. So by removing excess fluid, you will feel lighter and you will be thinner.

Foods to fight fluid retention

1- Dandelion

Many people suffer from edema due to a diet low in potassium and high in sodium. Therefore, dandelion, rich in potassium, is an excellent option if you have this condition.

Sodium causes the tissues in your body to retain water, but potassium stimulates the release of excess fluid. The diuretic properties of dandelion are best used in the form of a tea, as well as concentrated dandelion supplements.

2- Parsley

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Parsley tea is another great natural remedy for fluid retention. According to scientific research, parsley has excellent diuretic properties that make you urinate more often.

3- Asparagus

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This vegetable is one of the most popular natural diuretics that has been used for years. Asparagus helps treat fluid retention related to rheumatism and the menstrual cycle Thanks to the asparagine.

Once you consume it, asparagus breaks down into sulfur compounds that make your pee smell funny. These compounds help cleanse your body of toxins.

4- Caraway seeds

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The most common medicinal uses of caraway are the treatment of digestive problems and edema. Studies in rats showed that caraway increases the amount of urine.

However, the amount of caraway to reduce edema in humans is not known due to a lack of human studies. Still, you can start using them as a seasoning for different foods, as well as making them into tea.

5- Ponytail

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This herb is a great natural diuretic that is available as a supplement and in tea form. According to research, the effect of horsetail supplements is almost the same as that of commercial diuretics.

However, prolonged use of these supplements can cause certain side effects. Also, you should avoid them if you have diabetes or kidney disease.

6- Black and green tea

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Black and green tea offer excellent diuretic properties. But, while consuming the tea, make sure that you drink it without sugar or milk. This is because white sugar and dairy products can make edema worse..

An interesting fact about black and green tea is that they are most effective in treating edema when not consumed every day. Conversely, drinking them regularly can cause you to develop a tolerance to their diuretic properties.

7- Cucumber

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this vegetable it has a high water content, so eating it will make you urinate more often. Also, cucumbers contain silicon and sulfur that can improve your kidney function and remove excess uric acid from them.

Cucumbers can reduce edema symptoms like swelling even when used topically. For example, you can place cucumber slices over your puffy eyes to reduce puffiness.

8- Bamboo shoots

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bamboo shoots are an inexpensive and versatile ingredient that add flavor and texture to your foods. According to research, they are rich in potassium, so they help reduce sodium levels and increase urine production.

9- Celery

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Celery has a high water content and a good amount of fiber and potassium. In fact, its unique balance of sodium and potassium makes celery an effective natural diuretic, excellent for treating fluid retention.

10- Bananas

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Bananas are high in potassium, a mineral that increases urine output and reduces sodium levels. Besides, contain high levels of vitamin B6 which reduces edema related to premenstrual syndrome.

Do you plan to consume these foods? Will it cost you a lot to incorporate them into your diet?

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