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10 Things You Should Never Do to a Dog

care and raise a dog It is a great satisfaction and experience that requires a lot job and above all do it correctly, since how you educate him as a child will be reflected in his behavior when he is an adult. This should be known to anyone who has a pet.

There is right and wrong ways of teaching a puppy to learn what to do and even if you have good intentions, you can make mistakes too.

It is not easy as it requires patience and lots of love but it is worth all the time spent having our dog always by our side.

Today we want to show you this collection of tips that will help you raise your dog correctly.

1- Leaving your dog alone in the car

Leaving your dog alone in the car while you run an errand can have many negative consequences. For example, there is the possibility that someone could steal it or worse, if it is hot even if you leave the windows down it can cause you to faint and even die.

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2- Caress it at the wrong time

A puppy is never going to learn right from wrong if you pet him after scolding him. We understand you, they are small and adorable but don’t feel guilty after scolding him and avoid petting him, so he will learn sooner.


3- Overfeed them

Prizes and rewards to educate your dog or teach him to do tricks can be dangerous for his health if we give him too many. Make sure you are giving the right amount and that they are good for your dog.


4- Do not forget their teeth

It is recommended to brush your dog’s teeth daily to avoid possible infections or diseases. If you can’t brush your dog’s teeth daily, at least make sure the vet checks his teeth at every visit.

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5- Use the correct necklace

Each breed of dog needs a specific type of collar for its needs. For example, short-legged dogs can be harmed if they wear neck collars, the right thing to do is to wear a harness. If you do not know which is the correct option, ask your vet.


6- Do not let your dog lead the way

When you go for a walk with your dog, don’t let him decide where to go, as this can cause accidents, as well as make him feel that he has power over you. If you are not able to control it correctly use a shorter leash and make sure to correct course when it tries to take another path.

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7- Do not be negligent with sterilization

Many female dogs are euthanized in the kennel when they are found pregnant on the street, since no one can take care of them. Help avoid this, if you never plan to have puppies of your own, seriously consider getting your dog neutered.

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8- Share your food

Your dog must eat his feed; giving him our food can pose health risks for him. In case you decide to give him something as a reward, make sure that it is not detrimental to his. Any fruit or sweet that contains sugar can affect your vision in the long run.

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9- Hit your dog

Hitting your dog, either with a newspaper or with your bare hands is never the solution. Instead of teaching him, what he will do is diminish the trust that your dog has in you, causing problems in the future.

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10- Punish him in a cage

Many owners use these cages as places for their dog to sleep or to lie down comfortably, as a kind of house. This makes your dog associate it with a safe place, so if you want to punish it and not confuse it, you should never lock it there.


share all these tips to educate your dog with all your friends.

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