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10 Things to stop drinking so you don’t age so fast

It is important that we take care of what we eat if we want to look young and radiant for a long time.

«It is very easy to get an idea of ​​the foods that we should avoid if we want to reduce agingsince they often coincide with those that are less healthy and beneficial to our health, such as sugar, processed foods or harmful fats, “said Dr. Bryce Wylde, health expert and author of the book” The Antioxidant Prescription ».

“If we eat foods that trigger large numbers of free radicals and don’t have enough nutrients to counteract their effects, we accelerate the aging process and related inflammation,” explained Chicago surgeon Dr. Charles Galanis and Researcher Robert Dorfman. of the Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Here are 10 foods that can lead to premature aging:

1- Alcohol


When we ingest too much alcohol, we slow down our metabolism and help our skin lose its natural tension, thus facilitating the appearance of new wrinkles, not to mention the negative consequences that alcohol consumption has on our heart.

It is therefore advisable to limit alcohol intake to one or two glasses a week so as not to saturate our body.

2- Coffee

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While it is true that a good cup of coffee helps us erase the “dead” face we have in the morning, the truth is that in the long run it could be accelerating our aging.

It would be convenient to reduce your consumption to one or two coffees during the day and exchange the rest for water, natural juices or teas in order to reduce caffeine intake.

3- Red meat

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It is never a bad time to enjoy a good steak, however, abusing its consumption can affect our appearance due to the inflammatory effects it produces on our body and skin.

It is therefore recommended to opt for white meat such as chicken or turkey breast for daily consumption and leave red meat for special occasions.

4- Fast food

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These foods often contain enormous amounts of sugar, salt, grains, and saturated fat.

These ingredients in high amounts make our body have to work more than necessary to process them, not to mention that they offer little or no nutritional value.

5- Processed foods

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Virtually all processed food is considered harmful when it comes to our health.

Any type of food devoid of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants such as hot dogs, chips or pastries promotes aging.

6- Soft drinks

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Sugar accelerates aging, and as you already know, one of the highest and at the same time hidden sources of sugar is found in soft drinks that we take without consideration with meals.

Opt for low-sugar juices or replace soft drinks directly with water or tea.

7- Paste

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Pasta and other foods rich in starch, carbohydrates and refined sugars can be disastrous for the maintenance of our skin. In general, try to eat whole wheat and other whole grains that don’t speed up the aging process as much and cause less inflammation.

8- Canned soup

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Canned goods often have high amounts of sodium, which can lead to faster aging and increased inflammatory effects. Canned soups are a great example of this type of food, so the solution is clear, prepare your own soup in order to improve your health.

9- Cakes

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We must avoid sweets and cakes due to the high content of sugar, refined carbohydrates and trans fats they contain.

All these foods contribute to inflammation in the body, a consequence directly related to the effects of age. The consumption of cakes and other baked goods loaded with sugars, fats and salt must be banished from our diet if our goal is to look young for many years.

10- Candies

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As you might expect, sweets are disastrous in this regard as they are nutritionally empty and only promote aging of the body, wrinkles, poor heart health and decreased longevity. Also, this type of product damages collagen making us look older.

Now that you have changed your diet to take care of your face, it is time to add some facial Yoga exercises to be able to show off a shiny face.

It is inevitable that we age, however, if we limit the intake of this type of food in favor of others full of vitamins and minerals, we will be able to delay the signs of aging as much as possible.

What do you think of this list? Did you expect these foods to promote aging? Leave your opinion in the comments!

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