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10 Things Our Parents Did In The 80s That Would End Up In Jail Today

If we do a memory exercise, we will all agree that our childhood was not as safe as that of today’s children. Situations that today seem absolute barbaric to us before were our daily bread.

Over the years, the world has changed dramatically, and the way children are raised is no exception.

Next, we look back to recall those situations with which we grew up and that now would cost more than one parent a displeasure:

1- Get in the car in any way


Safety seats, belts? What was that? In the 80s there was no better security system than going sitting on knees from someone older Then of course, if there was an accident, whatever happened happened.

2- Leave us in the car while they went shopping


There are hundreds of cases of injuries and even deaths for leaving the children inside the car, can you imagine someone doing this today?

3- Leave ourselves to ourselves


We could do what we wanted there were no mobiles nor WhatsApp to be able to control our movements every second.

When we were children, our parents performed an exercise in blind trust with us, one that now seems impossible to exercise with any adolescent. A simple phone call from a booth to notify you that you had arrived safely at your destination was enough to be able to have an afternoon of total freedom.

4- Smoking in front of the little ones was not a problem


Our house, all the bars, the shops, even the hospitals, were full of smoke. Luckily the anti-smoking law came into force a few years ago, otherwise we would still live smoked like salmon.

5- Wearing a helmet while riding the bike was for cowards


Although nowadays it is obligatory, no self-respecting child used a helmet to ride a bike in the 80s. Among other things, because his parents did not see any problem in it.

6- They left us in charge of the keys to the house even if it was empty

How Stuff Works

Many of us came home from school and our parents had not yet arrived. This scenario made some of us become more responsible and we had to set the table, heat the food and do our homework. Well, that last one maybe less.

7- They sent us to buy alcohol and tobacco


Today it is not allowed for a minor to buy this type of substance, but going to the tobacconist’s shop to get tobacco for your father was something as common as going to the park to play with your friends.

8- They let us go to our friends’ houses without warning


before you could go to a friend’s house without explaining. We would show up at Juanito’s house, ring the bell and that’s it. If it was a bad time, he didn’t care about us and our parents anymore.

9- A good cake on time…

The Simpsons

The boy who went through his life without getting a slap from his father or mother was a very lucky boy. Today, although they are sure to continue to be used, hehe physical punishments in children are verybut how frowned upon.

10- Throw garbage anywhere

The Chive

Recycling is currently one of the world’s biggest successes in trying to take care of our planet, but it wasn’t always like that. Before it was normal to see the streets full of garbage since our parents threw everything and where they wanted.

Times have definitely changed, but for now we’ve survived, right?

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