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10 sustainable coating options

People are showing more and more concern for the environment, especially after global warming has revealed a threat to life on Earth. Products have also started to assume this commitment, as is the case with sustainable coatings.

Formica Real Color. (Photo: Disclosure)

Coating is responsible for protecting surfaces such as floors and walls. To fulfill this task, the material needs to be resistant and durable. The product used to coat is also essential to define the aesthetics of an environment.

There are already many options for ecological coatings in the market. These products have one factor in common: their manufacturing processes and materials do not harm the environment.

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What this article covers:

Sustainable coatings: 10 options

Check out some suggestions below for sustainable coatings that can be incorporated into renovation or construction:

1. Formica Real Color
Available in several colors, this material is composed of layers of decorative paper. Boards are moisture resistant, fade resistant and easy to cut.

2. EcoTec Bamboo flooring
Bamboo is an ecologically correct material, after all, it is a renewable resource. It guarantees the manufacture of resistant floors, with stability and natural tones.

3. CorkComfort, by Parquet União
CorkComfort is a covering made with agglomerated cork and is available in six different shades. The material proves to be excellent in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation. It also stands out for being impact resistant and quick to install.

4. Madeira Corteccia
Madeira Corteccia was developed with the aim of covering walls in a sustainable way. It can be used outdoors or indoors to impose an air of sophistication.

Slim Plastt. (Photo: Disclosure)

5. Slim Plastt
Slim Plastt is considered a sustainable tile. The pieces are 100% recyclable and leave the environment with a colorful aesthetic. The prints stand out for their exclusivity and the material is famous for its easy application.

6. Atlas Rec-65 inserts
These inserts, developed by Atlas, reuse 65% of the waste from its own production. The pieces can be used to cover floors and walls, externally or internally.

7. Coconut pastilles, by Pastilhart
The inserts are made from coconut fiber, a sustainable material. The cladding with the pieces acquires a rustic and sophisticated look.

8. Ambience wood laminates, by Eucatex
Ambience wood laminates are eco-friendly, durable and have unique patterns.

9. Demolition wood
Demolition wood is a rustic coating of natural origin. It stands out as a sustainable product because it reuses raw materials and prevents the destruction of forests.

Wicker Coating, by Mosarte. (Photo: Disclosure)

10. Wicker Coating, by Mosarte
The wicker boards can be used to cover different environments, making the walls rustic and cozy.

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