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10 Successful Habits of the Top 5% (95% of People Avoid)

One of the personal resolutions each year is to read more and better. Learning more from books that have so much to teach us is one of those successful habits that I want to improve.

In this process of reading about great people, successful businessmen, entrepreneurs, and leaders, I had the opportunity to read a great book by Robin Sharmaauthor of the book of the Club of 5 in the morning.

This book called Manifesto for everyday heroes is his most recent publication, and offers great lessons for those who want to be more productive, reach their next level and add more value to their surroundings.

Successful habits according to Robin Sharma

If you want to develop the habit of reading, here is a list of recommended books for entrepreneurs. You will surely learn a lot from these and you will be able to apply it in your business, personal life and other areas of your life.

With books, the most important thing is to apply what you feel identified with. Avoid what you don’t resonate with, and very importantly, make sure you create your own personal philosophy and criteria.

Before I share with you the wealth lessons of Robin SharmaI want you to keep in mind that every time you have a question, want to undertake a project, or simply want to improve your personal life, consider a book.

They provide great lessons, experiences and tricks to apply, and best of all, today, with so many options (such as Audible that gives you a 30-day trial audiobook), you can access this valuable material with just one click.

1. Learn to interpret the setbacks

As mentioned Robin Sharma in his book, setbacks are just life’s way of testing how much you want your dreams.

So don’t exaggerate when you find yourself with a failure, with a difficult moment, or things don’t turn out as you expect. These situations are opportunities that life offers you to try again, in a different way.

For example, Napoleon Hill He masterfully says it in his book Think and Grow Rich, When you are faced with failure, life is showing you that there is something in your plan that is not right and needs to be reviewed and changed.

When you see setbacks in this way, you will be willing to try harder, try differently, and develop perseverance within yourself.

2. How to access a successful standard of living

Have you ever wondered what the most successful people on this planet have in common? When you identify the successful habits these people have in common, you’ll understand what to do and what to avoid.

Keep in mind that, to obtain the rewards that only 5% of the population experiences, you have to introduce habits and attitudes that the remaining 95% are not willing to assume.

Answer yourself honestly, are you willing to do what the vast majority of people do not want, do not think about or are very afraid to do?

Only if you are clear about your life purpose, and have the guts to assume its demands, will you be able to live like those successful people that you admire.

3. The three principles of productivity

One of the concepts that most analyzes and studies Robin Sharma in his book Manifesto for everyday heroes is productivity. This is one of the most important objectives of the author through his pages.

Through three principles that you should review every day, and which I will share with you below, sharma shares how to be more productive in life and at work:

cognitive bandwidth

Mental capacity for daily concentration. Worries, stress and digital distractions affect this width.

attention residue

Molecules of attention that you leave when you jump from one activity to another. If you check notifications, social networks all day, you are leaving a large part of your attention between each jump.

productive exhaustion

When you raise your productivity and achieve great results, fatigue occurs due to high performance. For this you need rest and periods of reflection.

4. When was the last time you tried something new?

We cannot deny that it is very comfortable and very easy to fall into the comfort zone. The point is that nothing big happens there; we live comfortably but without grandeur, we live on familiar ground that does not inspire growth.

So the author of the Monk who sold his Ferrari asks you something clear: When was the last time you tried something new?

The more honest you are with yourself, the better it will be. Be aware that every day we have two options:

  • Do the same as always, and stay comfortable.
  • Try something new; regardless of the size of the activity, but challenge ourselves to try something that scares us, makes us uncomfortable, but that will make us grow.

Lastly, remember that who you were, even yesterday, does not have to limit what you can achieve today. So go ahead and try something new.

recommended books

5. Always arrive early

Small gestures or successful habits like always showing up early to a meeting show how much you value other people’s time. In fact, this speaks volumes about you; It shows your responsibility, commitment and dedication.

And while there may be times when showing up early is out of your control, make sure you do your best to always comply. Learn how to manage your time.

Robin Sharma He looks at it this way: If you’re not early, you’re late. And it is that it is better to show up to a meeting an hour in advance, than to be late by just a minute.

6. Identify your blind spots

To put it another way we can remember the phrase of success of Will Rogers:

What causes us problems is not what we don’t know, but what we know and is not true.

To solve this weakness, have the humility to listen to other people who know more than you. Think that everyone has something to teach you, and that the first step to failure is to feel that you already master everything.

Personally, I like to look at it as a beginner’s mindset. Having the ability to learn something new every day, to question my paradigms and to be willing to recognize that there are other ways of doing things, and that they may be better.

If you are not willing to question yourself, it will be difficult for you to learn something new, you will be less intelligent, and life will lead you to make costly mistakes so that you can learn the necessary lessons.

7. Believing that it is possible

Henry Ford had already said it in one of his famous phrases: Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.

In his book, Robin Sharma He shares a lesson for life that we must remind ourselves every day: If we do not believe that something is possible, we will not do the work, we will not be constant, nor will we have the necessary patience to make our goals come true.

And this is the reason why it doesn’t happen, because it all started in the mind and our limiting belief that we weren’t able to achieve it. And then we did everything necessary to confirm that that goal was impossible for us.

This should be a clear signal that we must identify in our daily mental pattern, and it is that many times we lose the challenges in our minds simply because we believe that we will not be able to achieve it.

8. Simplify your life

Personally, one of my goals in life is to become a minimalist, learn to live with less need and focus on the value of experiences.

And minimalism doesn’t just refer to the number of objects you have in your house, this also applies to the number of interests you have, the way you train and focus.

When you have a minimalist vision, you become an expert, you master your art and you hone your skills. When you live this way you avoid distractions and find greater meaning in what you do each day.

9. Build a meaningful life

While this may sound a bit ambiguous, we live in an age where people no longer dig deep. It is as if we live to the rhythm of social networks, of 30-second videos and looking for immediacy in everything.

People no longer analyze, do not take care of their daily rituals, and do not take their personal development seriously.

If you want to become a daily hero, Robin Sharma proposes a series of actions:

  • Build a job that is meaningful,
  • Become a person of values,
  • Reject laziness and block any attempt at mediocrity in your life,
  • Work every day on your skills,
  • Protect your productivity and growth rituals.

Remember that a mediocre result is starting to accept mediocrity in your life. So do your job; act. Act above those who ask you and your salary level.

10. Deliver 10 times the value they expect from you

In all areas of your life, in your professional career, in building your profitable business, and your personal habits, make sure you multiply by ten the value that people expect from you.

In other words, deliver more. Give more to people, your clients, friends, family and close ones. Make sure that the first impression is positively unforgettable, that your actions reflect the person you are, and never question your integrity.

If you live by this principle, combined with the other lessons of Robin Sharmayou will not only live better but you will lead a legendary life and have successful habits of the top 5% of people.

Finally, keep in mind this series of basic rules to always apply in your days (somehow make them your rules of daily operation:

  • He always arrives early.
  • Eliminate distractions
  • Promise less, deliver more.
  • Protect the best standards
  • Look for depth instead of superficiality
  • shows vitality
  • act.

It is worth reminding you that in life we ​​achieve what we set out to do, for which we work and focus. Do not think that by wanting a better life, without giving anything in return, it will come to you. You must act. Get started today by building these successful habits.

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