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10 style lessons and empowerment from the pop diva

Beyonce is a successful businesswoman, producer, composer, singer, icon of the black movement and one of the most powerful feminists of the moment. Her legacy is huge, compatible with her talent and ability to move the world for important causes.

A symbol of representation and one of the biggest names in current music, Queen B also adds to her enviable curriculum the title of fashion icon – and there is no lack of good reasons, after all, she is a model of style that inspires women from all over the world.

How about checking out 6 lessons from the pop diva who shook the fashion world, proving that Bey is a true style icon?

And while we watch her numerous feats in fashion, rocked by her greatest hits, it is also worth checking out 4 lessons in female empowerment that the pop diva sang, encouraging the audience to follow along.

Beyoncé: 6 fashion lessons from the pop muse


little black never basic

The old adage that says “I never commit myself in black” must be one of the fashion advice that the diva likes to follow the most when it comes to being present at major events.

There were many times when it appeared in total black and brightened the treadmills and video clips. But if the saying wants us to play it safe, it is certain that our Queen B is not obedient in this regard.

With far from basic black dresses, often structured, full of transparencies, sparkles, appliqués, accessories and sensual cuts, Beyoncé’s choices are always made to cause an impact and attract all the flashes.

If you are afraid to dare us looks in black, maybe I should follow the outfits from the diva to realize that we can break out of the routine, even when we choose basic colors.


Curves are perfect for showing

How many times have you wanted to hide in baggy clothes because of some insecurity with the image you saw in the mirror?

Throughout the various stages of her career, whether she was overweight or underweight, even in her postpartum periods, Beyoncé has never escaped the looks that showed her body and highlighted her curves. A true ode to the woman’s body and proof that sensuality does not fit into standards.


Sparkles? the more the better

Try to remember the last time you saw Beyoncé photographed on a red carpet without her being covered in too much glitter. It will certainly not be an easy task, because sequinsbrilliants, crystals and beads are a true hallmark of diva B.

If you love to see it, but when you wear it you always think you’re overdoing it, this is a lesson in fashion and empowerment to remember: at parties, the brighter the better!


Feathers, feathers and more feathers

Owner of a far from classic style, our queen B loves to make a statement with large feathers, without fear of exaggerating – and she can use them both on magazine covers and in large looks on a treadmill, as in the simpler ones that he photographs for Instagram.

Can you remember a time when you wished you had a garment with feathers applied and felt it wasn’t for you? Beyoncé seems to want to democratize this choice and show that we all deserve a good dose of glam in our closets.

To include feathers in our choices, as mere mortals, we can always opt for small notes that make a difference in our looks – a small bag with feathers is always original, or even applications of this material on the cuffs of shirts and coats, the hem of pants and accessories.


Women are always powerful indeed

We can bet that 9 out of 10 women will agree with the pop diva: to feel powerful there’s nothing like opting for a set of suits – and don’t be fooled if you think a suit has to be boring.

It’s a good idea to make eyes for that set oversized, which is so trendy, or for those with strong tones, which are always synonymous with a lot of personality. Embroideries are great choices for more festive events.

Yes, this type of set is not only welcome at work: it is also a great choice to go out to dinner, to take to an important event and even for christening parties, weddings, end of the year, etc.

In our opinion – and, it seems, in Queen B’s opinion as well – women’s suits should be a staple in every woman’s wardrobe.


Striking prints are a must-have

From geometrics to animal printone thing seems certain (even) for the singer’s day-to-day life: Beyoncé is a supporter of happy and fashion-forward standards.

And as the choice for eye-catching patterns is always accompanied by your attitude – which, as we’ve seen, values ​​curves – the main lesson to be learned here is that big prints and fashion trends are not exclusive to certain bodies. All bodies can and should wear them.

Get rid of insecurities and choose what to wear not to satisfy the ideal body image that is determined by standards. Your style should be measured by the size and strength of your personality, and never by the number on the tag.

4 Female Empowerment Lessons We’ve Learned From Beyoncé’s Music

The most famous member of girl’s band who marked a generation (who doesn’t remember Destiny’s Child) is much more than entertainment and her voice goes far beyond music.

the diva Queen B is a true revolutionary inspiration that emerged from the pop universe to shine not only for its style and the millions of streamsgolds and platinums – is an activist capable of shaking up political and social structures, being a reference for women around the world.

Let’s remember 4 moments when Beyoncé’s music taught us something powerful?


Black women’s self-esteem

Diva Bey is in constant motion to empower black women. Throughout her career, there were many times when she spoke to these women – and sang for their self-esteem.

The song Brown Skin Girl is a good example and a true inspiration.


There are no irreplaceable people

How many women remain in an unfair or ungenerous relationship for fear of never finding something better?

At the hit Irreplaceable Beyoncé sings for all those who, at some point, believed that something better would not be ahead – and she took the opportunity to teach a lesson, too, to men who consider themselves irreplaceable.


If I were a man…

In the song If I Were A Boy, Queen B describes a list of “things” she would do differently if she were the man in a relationship.

It’s not an innocent and purposeless song: in the lyrics, Beyoncé exposes her point of view about a heteronormative relationship – and we know that women from all over the world sing in chorus to this day.

The energy of this song is contagious and, if there were any doubts, Queen B clarifies everything: they are the ones in charge of the world!

The lyrics are clearly a well-deserved response to those who put women in inferior positions to men. Of course, the pop diva wasn’t going to leave the message, right?

After learning about the pop queen’s lessons in style and female empowerment, can you better understand the reasons why we have the Beyoncé phenomenon?

It’s pretty clear how your strength and attitude are needed and inspiring by women around the world – right?

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