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10 Strict Rules of the Kardashians with their children that call into question their abilities as mothers

the kardashian family has spread a lot in recent years with the children of all them, except for the model Kendall Jenner.

Knowing his lifestyle, it was to be expected that his children’s was not very normal either. We show you some of the family rules they have.

The strict rules of the Kardashian with their children

1- No routines

If this family doesn’t like something, it’s routine. that’s why every day is practically different And it doesn’t seem like a problem if nap time catches them traveling and the children have to sleep in the car or on the plane.

2- Fruit smoothies

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To keep up with their pace of life and make sure their kids get the protein and nutrients they need, some of the Kardashians they like to give fruit and protein shakes to their children.

3- Television control

It is true that you should not let children live hooked on television, but Kourtney with her children is too much since he doesn’t let them watch TV for more than thirty minutes a day.

He also doesn’t let them have electronic devices at meals.

4- Gluten-free, almost always

At home the children of the Kardashians do not eat anything that has glutenalthough they do let them eat outside the home.

5- To sleep

Here there are discrepancies. Kim prefers her children to sleep in separate cribs from her and Kanye, however, Kourtney prefers that they sleep in the same bed as her. With which you stay?

6- No plastics

The Kardashians keep everything in labeled glass jars now they do not want their children to be contaminated through the plastics of the containers.

7- Be careful with words

In an episode of her reality show, we can see how Kourtney scolds her mother for saying the word “fat” in front of her daughter. The Kardashians she doesn’t want her daughter to learn those terms nor be suggested by them.

Many believe that what I should do is to teach her to love herself be as it is

8- No microwave

They don’t believe in the power of reheating food, in fact, Kourtney doesn’t even have a microwave at home. as she believes it is bad for the health of her children.

9- Time together

The Kardashians want to spend as much time as they can with their children, even if that means taking them to events where there will be cameras photographing them. In addition, they constantly post photos with them on social networks, which many criticize.

10- Time to go to bed

Kim is very strict in the hours before bed, so she spends time with her children before and then he sends them to sleep even if they don’t want to.

What do you think of these rules for the children of the Kardashians? Do they seem absurd?

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