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10 simple tricks to make up brown eyes and enhance the look

How to make up brown eyes in order to enhance them? There are simple tricks you can use to make your eyes shine even more.

Not all women know how to make up brown eyes and, also, do not imagine that with the correct makeup your brown eyes can captivate as much as blue or green eyes. The secret is in the way you highlight them in your day to day. Give them their due value when applying make-up and you’ll see that more people will compliment you!

To help you with this task, which is much simpler than it seems, we’ll leave you with some tips to learn how to properly apply brown eye makeup.

How to make up brown eyes: 10 simple and effective tricks


Metallic shades shadows

People with brown eyes are luckier than they think. This is because almost all shades work on your eyes. However, metallic tones deserve special attention, as they help the eye stand out more.

Metallic tones like brown, gold, bronze, and even pink will really make your brown eyes stand out. And precisely because they attract attention, metallic tones are often used to create looks bolder.

Who would have thought that using pencils kohl white would be one of the tricks to teach anyone who wants to learn how to make up brown eyes, isn’t it?! White pencils, along with metallic shades, can really enhance the beauty of brown eyes and even give the illusion of bigger eyes, which helps to bring out your natural color.

Using concealer under dark circles, to cover or hide them, is yet another way to highlight your beautiful brown eyes. And it can solve two problems at once if you choose to use a lighter corrector shade.

In this way, you are not only covering dark circles, but highlighting brown eyes at the same time, thanks to the choice of a lighter shade. And remember that highlighting her eyes will even make her look more awake, even on the days when she feels the most tired.

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Neutral tone eyeshadows

If you’re not a fan of metallic tones, relax. Your brown eyes offer you a wide range of options when it comes to shadows, so you can opt for neutral and matte tones.

A good portion of people with brown eyes prefer not to use too much color and opt for neutrals, which are actually perfect. Neutral tones such as peach, brown and taupe, which is a mole brown, are good choices. In addition, you can also use eyeliners in the same tones, to highlight your eyes even more.

O blush it makes a big difference to your face and again, people with brown eyes have a wide range of eye colors. blush to choose. The trick here is not to overdo it. Add just enough color to give your cheekbones a little color and give them a healthy glow. You will see how this will contribute to the enhancement of your eyes.


Eyeliners in dark plum tones

Have you thought about ditching the usual brown and black eyeliners and opting for bolder, deeper plum ones? Plum or purple is one of the best colors for women with brown eyes. This is a tip on how to make up brown eyes that has been in fashion for a long time, but that many people forget or are completely unaware of.

For a different look, try applying dark colored pencils on the upper lid and lighter ones on the lower lid. But if you insist on using brown eyeliners, then buy a brown one with a redder base, as it will make all the difference.


reddish brown eyeshadow

A brown eyeshadow with a reddish base should always be part of any woman’s makeup bag with brown eyes. This is because it will help divide the eye and the way you apply makeup. Use it to create a split on the eyelid, right where it folds and divides it from the brow area.

This is another shade that you should also always have as it helps to bring out your eye color. And, as you might be asking, no, you’re not going to make up your eyes completely dark brown.

But, after dividing the eyelid with the reddish brown base, you will use the dark brown on the outer corners of the eyes, as if you were creating a smokey eye?? It’s perfect for highlighting your brown eyes.


Light matte or shimmer eyeshadow

In the lower corner, in the center and in the upper part of the eyelid, opt for a lighter shade, to your liking. It can go from peach, beige, pink, matte or shiny tones. It’s your choice!

But remember that these shades, the reddish brown, the dark and the light must be on your eyes in perfect harmony, as if they were part of a whole.

Finishing off with mascara for the lashes is essential and will give the final touch to highlight your brown eyes.

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