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10 signs you’re a bad colleague – how many do you check off?

We’ve all had a bad colleague at some point and even more times we’ve thought we’ve been hit by one at work. The ones who don’t think your time is so valuable that they’re happy to fit it, who sit and look at social media in meetings and whose moods go up and down in a perpetual roller coaster. Here we list ten strong signs that you (or someone close to you) is a really bad colleague!

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1. You don’t fit times

Of course, you are not ALWAYS late, but some days a week you slip in after the appointed time. You don’t apologize but take plenty of time to hang up your jacket and have a coffee. You do exactly the same when it’s time to quit, but then it’s about you slipping out a little before the appointed time. IF your colleagues notice this disruptive behavior? Answer yes!

2. You work too little or too much – all the time

Taking liberties and sneaking home too early every other day is just as bad as working overtime all the time. you create an unhealthy working climate that way. Your colleagues will of course notice if you come in late and leave early, but they can also get stressed and feel bad that you always try to overperform and stay longer than everyone else.

3. You talk shit

Talking crap about your boss/colleagues and co-workers at work is unprofessional, period. If you have a problem with a colleague, you take it up with him and if it doesn’t work out for some reason, there are often managers/HR/unions who can help resolve conflicts at work.

4. You take credit for other people’s achievements

If there is a chance for you to take credit for an achievement, you take it. It doesn’t matter that you only helped in a small corner, when the right person asks, it is rather you who solved the task on your own. All for confirmation from higher powers.

5. You screw up

No, no one likes that colleague who makes a mess, doesn’t put on a new pot of coffee when it’s finished or leaves the dishes out front. Get on your own shit already!

6. You are absent from meetings

Sure, you show up at your scheduled meetings, but once you’re there, you’re in a different world. You scroll through social media, read emails and are generally absent. When someone says your name, you are awakened from your bubble – but have not joined the conversation and respond with a “What did you say?”.

7. You email about EVERYTHING

You haven’t learned that communication is best done face to face, but instead send emails about EVERYTHING. The emails also have in common that they are often incoherent and difficult to read and create more question marks than exclamation marks.

8. You CC people wildly

You’ve gotten hooked on the cc function and involve everything and everyone in your unwelcome emails. Preferably the manager if you have any advice or feedback for a colleague. All to put yourself in a better mood.

9. Your mood is up and down

Everyone can have a bad day but there are limits to what you show outside and keep inside yourself. When you’ve had a bad day, your colleagues must know. A bad night obviously needs to be declared already at the morning meeting and a couple of bad nights and you are perceived as short-tempered, snooty and generally negative.

10. You complain – every day

Complaining a little is part of human nature. But when it becomes your signature, it’s gone out of control. When your colleagues have to listen on a daily basis to EVERYTHING that is not right in your life – privately and at work, the standard is high. If it’s not one, it’s the other.

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