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10 Series for Entrepreneurs Full of Lessons and Motivation

both in Youtubeas in many streaming platforms, you will find documentaries for entrepreneurs who will motivate, educate and transform you.

If you are managing your own business, or if you are an innate entrepreneur in search of new sources of motivation and action, it is likely that these audiovisual materials will fit you like a glove.

Take the time to watch these documentaries because they could teach you great lessons in entrepreneurship, personal finance, and business.

Motivational and entrepreneurship films

Starting a business from scratch can be very comforting, but also very complex and challenging.

If you have decided to undertake, you should keep in mind that you could face difficult moments on multiple occasions, and that many times you will not even be able to avoid them.

If you feel unmotivated, in any of your facets as an entrepreneur, We recommend you take immediate action so that this does not harm your project in the long term.

In life it is valid to fall and fail, but the only way to achieve success is to continue working with strength, dedication and commitment. And this is something that you should always keep in mind!

On the other hand, it should be noted that motivation and entrepreneurship are highly related.

But you must also be disciplined and not stop learning if you want your project to be sustainable and scalable over time.

Today we will share some documentaries for entrepreneurs who could help you regain your motivation, or who could even give you new profitable business ideas.

Documentaries for Entrepreneurs You Don’t Want to Miss

If you want to recover or increase your motivation, we invite you to see these ten documentaries for companiesnders.

We assure you that you will not want to miss them if you have recently undertaken a project, or if you have been immersed in the world of entrepreneurship for years:

1.The Playlist

This series is available in Netflix and tells the story of Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzón; the master minds behind the release of Spotify.

Although it is not a documentary, it is worth watching this miniseries because it is full of treasures that could be of great use to you in the area of ​​business, innovation and entrepreneurship.

You will learn how these two successful entrepreneurs made music history by streaming free music.

You will also learn about all the work behind the launch of a revolutionary product and you will immerse yourself in the intricate world of the music and technology industry.

You will also become familiar with Daniel’s personal history; a Swedish programmer who wanted to change his life and create something truly legendary.

After being rejected by Google He quit his job and decided to try his luck as an entrepreneur. And that decision literally changed his life!

2. Becoming Warren Buffett

This is one of the documentstell hims for most motivating, exciting and uplifting entrepreneurs on the market.

Is available in HBO and explore the exciting life of one of the most iconic and successful investors on the planet.

If you are a financial entrepreneur, or a businessman interested in finance, you could learn a lot with this audiovisual material.

Warren Buffet’s story is amazing and full of learnings that could also change your life.

This biographical documentary shows you that nothing is impossible and that you can achieve everything if you really put your mind to it and work hard for it.


Although it is not placed in the category of documentaries eitherra emprenderers, startup it is full of amazing lessons and learnings.

This series available in Netflix will teach you about business success and connect you with the stories of four young entrepreneurs.

They dreamed of becoming big businessmen in Korea; specifically in the technological field.

The first step they take to fulfill that dream is to found a start-up company, but they quickly discover that the rise to success is not always rosy.

With this series you will learn that despite the failures you need to get back up and start from scratch with more strength.

This material has powerful lessons in self-improvement and resilience. So it could serve as motivation if you are going through a bad time as an entrepreneur or businessman.

4.American Factory

East it is one of the best documentariesra eentrepreneurs that you can see in Netflix right now. Her story is so impressive that she was awarded an Oscar Award in 2020.

American Factory chronicles the daunting challenges and culture shocks a Chinese company faces after reopening a factory in Ohio.

The creators of this feature film immerse you in history in a powerful and transformative way.

The idea is to immortalize the experience lived by the Chinese company, fuyaoafter buying and reopening a factory abandoned by General Motors.

If you have a venture abroad, and you want to expand it to the United States, or to other destinations, you need to look American Factory as soon as possible.

5. Startup Generation

Amazon Prime Video also has an interesting selection of documentaries for entrepreneurshipdeedors you won’t want to miss.

Startup Generation is one of the most popular and is based on the lives of six young Americans, recently graduated, who dream of becoming entrepreneurs.

The story is very human and inspiring, especially for the new generations who want to achieve success in the world of entrepreneurship.

With the stories of these six young people who risked everything to found startups in Detroit, you will understand the ups and downs of starting a startup own.

Recommended books:

6. Everyday Miracles

The programming of Netflix It has a real creative gem. Is about Everyday Miracles; one of the best documentaries for businessnaeaters you can see in your life.

Actually, it is a miniseries that tells the stories and anecdotes linked to the invention of some objects that have changed the world.

If you are a full-time entrepreneur and need another source of inspiration to create new products or services, it is likely that Everyday Miracles leave you with your mouth open.

With this series you will learn about creative processes, raw materials, production stages and much more.

You might also pick up new ideas or business opportunities. This miniseries is priceless!

7. Bill Gates: Under the magnifying glass

This is one of those documentariesarto entrepreneurs who invite you to rethink many things and look at life from other perspectives.

It is available in No.etflix and offers you a deep and honest exploration of one of the greatest minds in history: that of the billionaire bill gates.

You cannot stop watching it if you want to know the most revolutionary ideas that this American genius has had.

It will also help you discover his more humane and philanthropic side and discover what a true leader is made of.

8. The story of Uber

Uber’s story Is available in Amazon Prime Video and after meeting her you will feel very motivated to undertake.

While everyone knows what Uber is, few know how the company came to be, or what challenges it overcame to achieve massive success.

With this documentary you will know its attractiveness business modelyou will learn about the market and the competitors, and you will even know what it has done uber to dodge regulators.

9.Silicon Valley

More than a documentary, it is an HBO series focused on Silicon Valley: the famous “mecca of technology”.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you’re probably familiar with start-ups, but Have you ever wondered how much you have to risk to be successful with a startup?

Despite being a comedy and fiction story, it contains great teachings. Especially if you are immersed in the multimedia corporate world or in the technological and Internet field.

10. Burt’s Buzz

You can see this documentary at appletv to learn the story of one of the most genuine entrepreneurs of recent times.

burt shavitza reclusive beekeeper, managed to become the mastermind behind Burt’s Bees (Although we anticipate that he reluctantly reached this goal).

That company generated more than $140 million in sales in 2019, according to data from Statista.

How have you achieved such success in the market? That is what you will discover in this exciting documentary that lasts less than an hour and thirty minutes.

Valuable material for entrepreneurs

Both the web and streaming platforms are full of content on entrepreneurship, business and finance.

But not all of them will leave you with good teachings, much less will they make you feel motivated, excited or expectant.

If you really want to educate yourself on investment, entrepreneurship, business or finance, we invite you to see these ten documentsenthals for entrepreneurs.

They are all full of lessons that could transform your life, boost your ventures or suggest new profitable business opportunities.

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