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10 secrets not to be missed

The usual dishes, with a lot of flavor and with an eye on your health. Follow the 10 steps to healthy cooking.

Do you want to discover some indispensable secrets for cook healthy?? Pay attention to the 10 tricks we suggest below and we guarantee that it will be much easier to eat well and be happy between pots.

Try to follow them whenever possible and boost your health with good choices. The tip of the fork can have a lot of flavor and still store more nutrients and reserve less unnecessary ingredients for our organism.

Are we going to the 10 steps to have more health at the table?

10 steps to learn how to cook healthily


Use smarter fats

There is a truth that prevails in the kitchen: not all types of fat are bad. Choose unsaturated fats, like olive oil, and leave out saturated fats – like butter.

Choose, for example, to use vegetable cream, as it has zero value of trans fats, is rich in Omega 3 and 6, in vitamins A, E, D, in addition to being approved by nutrition specialists and, of course, by cardiologists.


Choose unrefined foods

Whenever possible, bet on serving the whole grains and put aside all the refined grain. Brown rice, for example, has its bran untouched and that is what allows it to offer more fiber, magnesium, zinc and vitamin B.

Follow a golden rule: the more colorful your plate, the more vitamins and minerals you will absorb with the meal – that is, the more benefits you will derive from your pleasures at the table.


Choose the type of meat carefully

It is already known: meat is a rich source of protein, but it is also a great offer of saturated fats. For this very reason, to cook in a healthy way, choose carefully the type of meat you bring to your plate, choosing lean meats, poultry and fish.

But don’t forget to reduce the portions. To complement, fill your recipes with the many flavors and colors of vegetables and grains.


Choose low-fat dairy

Cheese and yoghurt are an excellent source of calcium and can be eaten at the table without much guilt, as long as lean versions are given priority. Bet on cottage cheese, cottage cheese, fresh cheese, cream cheese no lactose or tofu, for example.

Whole milk, for example, can – and should – be replaced by other types of low-fat – or even fat-free.


Do not overdo the portion

It’s hard to resist some temptations, right? We know that yes, but you have to be aware when choosing your diet, as it is certain that certain exaggerations can have real consequences for your health.

The best way? Opting for control and looking for healthy and tasty ways to cook to satisfy hunger.

We all know that the indulgence of a sweet treat can transform the day, but remember: any and all sugars, whether it’s brown sugar, corn syrup, honey and many others, add unnecessary amounts of calories to the body – however, offering a minimal nutritional value. Avoiding them is always a good idea.


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It doesn’t matter if you have high blood pressure or not, the truth is that it’s always important to be aware of amount of salt that ingests. The recommendation is clear: just one teaspoon a day.


Go for the taste

To ensure a lot of flavor at the table, use and abuse seasonings, such as peppers, fresh herbs and many other condiments that can transform a dish. Try to find the ones you like best and give this treat to your palate, without forgetting your health.

The last step for anyone who is learning, or wants to, cook in a healthy way is to follow all the previous ones and, of course, enjoy the moments at the table. When the diet is done consciously, it is much easier to hit the dose and enjoy your choices much more.

Eating well is a lifelong decision, so dedicate yourself to discovering how to make your meals much more appetizing. Once you find your way, we guarantee you won’t want anything else.

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