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10 Riddles go viral by becoming a challenge for 90% of people

Many studies have shown that solving riddles and puzzles on a daily basis can end up being a great workout for our brain, which, like our body, we must strengthen.

With all these riddles we will be able to have fun and improve our intellectual capacities. You like challenges? Here are fifteen that you will only solve if you are a genius.

10 riddles that only the smartest can solve

1- Would you be able to form two identical squares by removing eight matches?

2- What is the value of each fruit?

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3- Could you find out where the car is parked?

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4- How many times can you subtract 1 from the number 1,111?

5- Three doctors have a brother named Sergio, but Sergio has no siblings. How is it possible?

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6- One day a girl dropped her ring in a cup full of coffee but the ring did not get wet. Why?

7- Count the squares in the image

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8- Following the strategy of the rest of the operations, what would be the solution of the last one?

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9- A bat and ball pack costs €1.10. The bat costs €1.00 more than the ball. How much does the ball cost?

10- If tomorrow were yesterday, today would be as close to Sunday as if it were tomorrow. What day is today?


Riddle #1

img 5a634486cc58c

Riddle #2 – The apple is worth 7, the grapes are worth 12 and the banana is worth 2. The sum of these three fruits has a total value of 21.

Riddle #3 – The car is parked in space number 87.

Riddle #4 – Only one, since on consecutive occasions we would be subtracting it from the number 1,110, 1,109, 1,108…

Riddle #5 – Sergio has no brothers but he has three doctor sisters.

Riddle #6 – The cup still had no water

Riddle #7 – eleven

Riddle #8 – 40

Riddle #9 – €0.05

Riddle #10 – Sunday

As you can see, they are simple logic puzzles. You just have to stop and think And don’t make decisions lightly.

How many have you managed to hit? Do you know any other? Tell us in the comments!

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