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10 Reasons why showering at night is 10 times better than showering in the morning

There are two types of people: those who shower in the morning and those who do it at night. Both positions defend the benefits of bathing before leaving home to work and before going to bed, but only one side is right.

Here are 10 reasons why people who shower at night are right:

1- The first advantage, and almost enough to make the side of those who shower at night the winner, is that they don’t have to get up earlier.

Those extra 10 minutes you can spend in bed makes the difference between a terrible morning and a great morning.

2- Surely there is someone who begins to say while whining, “But, but… showering is what wakes me up in the morning…”. Well, just wash your face.

It will wake you up and you won’t have to get wet and freeze whole. Better!

3- True, those of us who shower at night can look more sleepy, but that only makes us seem more relaxed, I guess…


4- We can get out of bed and be ready to go to work in record time.

5- Which means we have more time for breakfast.


As we all know, eating is more important than washing.

6- Our sheets stay clean longer.

And sleeping on clean sheets is the best feeling in the world, probably even better than lying in bed for 10 more minutes.

7- And, of course, we can enjoy this feeling on a much more regular basis.


8- The evening shower is a sacred moment of relaxation that prepares us for sleep.

When it’s time to get into bed, we’re not only cleaner, but we’re also more relaxed.

9- When showering at night, we can spend all the time we want under the gratifying trickle of hot water.


There’s no rush, and all that awaits us when we get out of the shower is our gorgeous bed.

10- After getting out of the shower we can spend all the time we want in a towel.

Because as you know, few sensations are as gratifying as being wrapped in a towel until it’s too cold for you to have to put on your pajamas.

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