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10 quick and cheap decorations for Christmas 2015

meet 10 quick and cheap decorations for Christmas 2015 and be inspired by these ideas to leave the house in a Christmas mood. There are many ways to escape the conventional and value the symbols of that date, creating trees, ornaments, arrangements and garlands.

10 quick and cheap decorations for Christmas 2015. (Illustrative Photo)

What this article covers:

10 quick and cheap decorations for Christmas 2015

We separate some quick and cheap ideas to decorate the house for Christmas. Check out:

1. Lamps

Provide some burned-out incandescent light bulbs. Then apply primer and white acrylic paint. After creating this background, just make the details of the Christmas ornament, using pens and pieces of felt. You can create snowman, angels, among other ornaments, which serve to decorate the Christmas tree.

Are you looking for a simple and sustainable way to decorate your house for Christmas? Then bet on the blinker customized with plastic bottles. Use the bottom of the PET to decorate each of the lamps. The effect on lighting will be amazing.

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The Christmas tree is a classic symbol, so it cannot be left out of decoration. To make it differently, try using green glass bottles, all the same size. Then place the Christmas lights inside them. Now all you have to do is stack them and create a triangle, emphasizing the shape of the pine tree.

4. Christmas tree from strawberries

Christmas tree from strawberries. (Ilustrative Photo)

The Christmas tree mounted with strawberries is an excellent option for those who want to escape the conventional. It is very simple to structure and is even tastier with melted chocolate.

Assembling a wreath is one of the 10 quick and cheap decorations for Christmas 2015🇧🇷 This ornament, which usually decorates the front door, symbolizes peace, love and all the positive feelings of Christmas. You can structure the wreath with the Christmas baubles.

Get some red or white candles to make a beautiful Christmas arrangement. It is also possible to work with specimens of Poinsettia, the characteristic Christmas flower.

Arrangement with flowers and candles. (Ilustrative Photo)

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7. Felt ornaments

Instead of using traditional Christmas balls, try making felt ornaments. This material allows you to create Santa Claus, Reindeer, Snowman, angel, bell, among other Christmas symbols.

8. Painted pine cones

The pine cone is a beautiful ornament for the Christmas table. It can be used “in natura” or painted, with colors like gold, silver and red. The result is a cheerful and elegant composition.

Painted pine cones. (Ilustrative Photo)

Using disposable cups and a stapler, you can create a beautiful snowman to decorate your outdoor garden. Don’t forget to create a nose, eyes, scarf and hat for the doll.

10. Balls in transparent containers

The colored balls, which are normally used to decorate the pine tree, can have other uses in the Christmas decoration. Try selecting a few specimens and place them in clear glass containers. Try to value the colors of the date, that is, red, gold and green.

Balls in transparent containers. (Ilustrative Photo)

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Now you already know 10 quick and cheap decorations for Christmas 2015🇧🇷 Get inspired by these ideas and start decorating your home. In addition, continue on Mundo das Tribos and see many other articles about Christmas.

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