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10 places to hide the most valuable things at home so that thieves do not find them

Installing an alarm isn’t going to stop burglars from breaking into your home, it’s just going to reduce the time they have to turn your home upside down in hopes of find all things of value.

There are several tricks to prevent your home from being looted, but today we bring you the best inventions to keep your belongings safe.

The 10 best hiding places to store your belongings

1- The keys in a safe place


Forget about keep the keys under a stone or the pot next to the door, that hiding place is already known to everyone.

2- The secret tile


Once closed, it is impossible to know which of your tiles hide the drawer where you keep your valuables.

3- Window-drawer frame

GL Callow

In addition to being out of sight, it’s the perfect place to store necklaces and flat items that are difficult to store.

4- Camouflage your favorite snacks


If you are tired of your flatmates taking away everything good from your pantrykeep your most valuable goods inside a bean bag, nobody will touch it.

5- Anti-theft method on the beach

Parent Hacks

Now you can bathe calmly with your belongings safely. Place all valuables in a honeycomb, close it as if it were used. No one will even think of approaching him.

6- Drawer socket


7- The hem of the curtains


8- Hollow under the chair cushion


When you have visitors with long hands at home, take advantage of the gap that remains between the cushion and the chair to keep what you don’t want to lose.

9- The shelf with secret shelves


10- Trapdoor under the carpet


Such a classicbut no less effective for that.

The next time a thief enters your house, they will leave empty-handed, but if they have found out little about you, here we leave you with 10 more hiding places so that your money remains safe.

Where do you hide valuables? Are you able to remember after all?

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