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10 perfumes to offer your boyfriend or girlfriend

We selected 5 perfumes to offer to the boyfriend and 5 to the girlfriend. They are the perfect gift to fall into temptation.

Valentine’s Day is around the corner! In the rush of everyday life, there are many times when we forget to pamper someone who is special to us… Or ourselves. The height is ideal to buy that one perfume to give to boyfriend or to the girlfriendor who knows yourself.

The beauty of a perfume is undeniable. It is care that has the ability to increase anyone’s confidence and is always a safe bet when it comes to giving gifts. A new scent, or the usual one, will certainly please your better half.

If you lack inspiration, look no further. Get to know our suggestions that are just a short distance away. click – and at much more attractive prices.

The best perfumes to offer your boyfriend or girlfriend

Perfumes are not just a smell, but olfactory memories. They are gifts full of meaning, which remind us of special people or remarkable moments, becoming true experiences.

New editions of well-known models, others that have just arrived in the brand families, or even some whose bottles are true objects of designdiscover our selection of perfumes to give to boyfriendfor all tastes and pockets.

For him

One Million

Ideal if you are looking for an intense and striking perfume, this one combines strong leather notes with more salty notes.
For the boyfriend who isn’t afraid to take risks and experiment with strong aromas.

€83.00Price 50 ml:€58.10


Boss Bottled

This perfume was created to accompany your boyfriend on a daily basis, in his work routine and social commitments, in a symbol of personality and elegance.
Intense notes of wood predominate, in harmony with more fruity and fresh notes, of apple, plum and geranium.

€72.90Price 50 ml:€55.99


This is Love

A young and fresh fragrance that symbolizes electric and magnetic love.
The notes of wood are predominant, and combine harmoniously with more floral notes, of orange blossom.

€63.00Price 50 ml:€40.95


Terre d’Hermès

If you are looking for something classic and timeless, this fragrance is a safe bet.
It brings together vegetable, mineral and wood aromas, and the liveliness of citrus and shiso stands out.

€91.70Price 50 ml:€70.61



For a boyfriend or husband who likes to be surprised, this perfume was inspired by the magical time of sunset in the desert.
It features notes of spices, bergamot and vanilla, combined with a woody base.

€90.40Price 60 ml:€63.30

For her

light blue

Light Blue

This classic, a favorite of many, is reminiscent of sunny summer days.
In a representation of the Mediterranean woman, it combines fresh, floral and fruity notes, such as cedar, green apple, bamboo, jasmine and white rose.

€84.00Price 50 ml:€42.00


Black Opium

Created for the modern woman who likes to stand out, this fragrance is dominated by fruity and sweet aromas, such as pear and tangerine, combined with notes of coffee.

€123.00Price 90 ml:€73.75


Vetiver Pamplemousse

When the great Zara joins the unavoidable Jo Malone perfumery, the result is bound to be a success.
“A white cotton shirt with touches of citrus cologne, an accessory for my day to day”. Jo Malone CBE, founder of Jo Loves.

Price 90 ml:€22.95

january sun

Brazilian Crush Smell 68

This brand, which has been conquering the female public for its body creams inspired by the Brazilian lifestyle, has also launched a fresh and floral body mist, which will transport you to the lush and sunny gardens of Rio de Janeiro.

Price 90 ml:€18.99


Daisy Ever So Fresh

To celebrate sunny days, this perfume features a bouquet of citrus notes, with a floral and cashmere touch.
For the eternally young and spontaneous woman.

€108.60Price 75 ml:€59.95

Offer more than a perfume, offer good times and unique memories.

Make your choice and make someone very happy. Good shopping!

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