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10 original and creative Christmas gift ideas

If you want to offer original Christmas gifts, but feel a little out of place, this article can help. We give 10 ideas to surprise friends and family.

Offering a gift is a show of affection and, as much as it is said to the contrary, it is not just the intention that matters. What’s inside the package is also important! if you want to give original Christmas gifts and with meaning, we have fresh ideas for you.

You have probably already given a certain person items of clothing, books, music, chocolates several times. This year innovate and offer something that takes sighs, leaves eyes wide with surprise and lots of smiles. Don’t have ideas? We offer some.

Original Christmas gifts for unique people

custom illustration

An original and undoubtedly personalized gift is a portrait. But what we suggest is not a portrait in photography or painting. To be completely original, offer an illustration first. Catita Illustrations transforms your photographs into fantastic works of art that make original and memorable Christmas gifts.

Price:from €50

family caricature


If the person you’re going to give the gift to is into pop and street art, then they’ll love a caricature. Loja das Caricaturas transforms your photographs and portraits into caricatures. You can choose from different supports and shapes, such as a mug, paper, puzzle, roll-up, t-shirt or canvas. A unique and super creative gift.

Price:from €25

personalized children's book

personalized book

It’s not always easy to think of original Christmas gifts for the little ones. If you want to avoid the traditional toys, clothes and treats, opt for a personalized book. Peewee creates books with stories and details from the child’s own life. Just fill in the questionnaire, choose the characters from the book and wait for it to arrive…

Price:from €34.90

DIY Christmas ornaments

Do It Yourself

If you want to be completely original and offer something that doesn’t exist in any store, the best thing is to make the gifts by your own hand. In addition to being personalized gifts, they are cheaper and have a greater meaning for those who receive them.
Depending on your creative skills you can make: jams or cookies; a phone case or tablet?? Christmas ornaments; natural exfoliants; a scrapbook?? an illustrated postcard…

jar with ingredients for cake

ingredients in a jar

If you are not good at cooking, but the person you are going to give a gift is, give them everything they need to make those cookies or that delicious cake they love so much.
Look for the right recipe and put the non-perishable ingredients in a jar, jar or box.
Decorate with Christmas motifs and, who knows, they might end up making this cake together!

child reading with pink mermaid blanket


There are ideas that are completely out of the box, either by your design or for its differentiating functionality.
If you are looking for unique gifts, at Insania there are lots of gadgets and different objects.
From a mermaid blanket to an egg opener that even separates the yolks from the whites. It’s worth a look!

Price:varies by article.

album of memories and memories

memories album

For special people, the Christmas gift should be well thought out, original and with symbolism. There’s nothing better than creating an album of the best moments you’ve spent together.
Gather photos, concert or travel tickets, letters that you may have exchanged, objects that remind you of an episode,… and create a book that tells your story so far.
Leave blank pages for the person to fill in over time.

custom calendars

custom calendar

Choose photos of yourself, your family, important moments, the person you want to give as a gift and buy a personalized calendar.
This is a gift that allows you to remember every day, people and significant moments.

Price:from €8.90

jar with messages

message pots

If you want to express how much you care about someone and how much you enjoy getting treats back, message jars can be an inspiration. Grand’ideia has jars with messages that will force you out of your relationship routine. All pots have 101 messages and can be surprises, questions, thoughts and even vouchers.

Price:from €13.95

bonsai tree


Offering a plant is always a nice gesture, but offering a bonsai has an even deeper meaning.
You will be wishing the recipient a long, prosperous life, with good energy and harmony.
The price varies depending on the type of plant and the maturity of the Bonsai.

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