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10 Must See Movies You Should Have Seen At Least Once

Choosing the best movies of all time is not an easy task, It’s small details that can make one film better than another.and not only that, each person has their tastes and within these, film genres that they like more than others.

For example, a person who doesn’t like mafia movies won’t like them. The Godfather no matter how good it is, and that always influences.

From here we will try to be as neutral as possible and we will focus on films that are critically and publicly acclaimed, and not just one side.

These are the best movies ever

1- The Godfather

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Any expert you ask will always tell you to enter top three movies there is the Godfather. A great story about the mafia, set in a very real way, with unforgettable characters and directed to perfection, if you haven’t given this saga a chance it’s never too late.

2- The Godfather II

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Second parts are not always bad and this film is proof of that. The same or even better than the first, depending on who you ask. A film that perfectly closes the first part, and has the same successes.

The only bad thing that has the trilogy of The Godfather That’s it, there are three movies. This story would have been enough.

3- Life imprisonment

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Many people still do not understand how He didn’t win the Oscars that year.it is true that they competed with other great films of the stature of Forrest Gump or Pulp Fiction, but at least some deserved.

It is an endearing film that perfectly shows us life in prison. Perhaps the best thing is the narrator, the soothing voice of Morgan Freeman throughout the story it sticks in your head, great in every way.

4- Schindler’s List

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Of the movies that have been made about the nazi holocaustmaybe this is next to Life is Beautiful, the best. The story of a German businessman who helps rescue Jewish prisoners from the Nazis is hard-hitting and moving, and Steven Spielberg’s most comprehensive feature film to date, which is saying a lot.

5- Pulp Fiction

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The more years go by, the more popular and better this movie becomes. Filled with brilliant and memorable symbols and scenes, Tarantino’s film is one of the most loved by the public and critics.

To this day, its scenes continue to be parodied, and its actors received great recognition from all over the world. He gave the director the leap of fame that he needed to become one of the greatest in history.

6- 12 Merciless Men

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A perfectly shot film that tells us what really is justice. The tape narrates the decision of a jury on the innocence of a man. Everyone agrees that he is guilty except one, who will try to convince the others of the innocence of the alleged murderer. A film that deals with many prejudices of the time such as race.

7- The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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Although not everyone likes Western movies, the third part of the dollar trilogy It’s not just another western tale. The story is brilliantly told and is more complex than what we are used to in a tape of this genre, the music remains unforgettable to this day.

8- Life is Beautiful

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A happy film with a very sad story in the background: the efforts of a father to make his son unaware that he is in a prison camp. It will make you cry with emotion. The best thing about this film is the way it tells us a story that is still part of the Nazi holocaust and the concentration camps. With a cheerful tone, it is enjoyed from beginning to end, something very complicated seeing what it is about.

9- Lights in the City

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If you have to highlight a work of Chaplin apart from The Dictator or Modern Times, is this love story between Charlot and a blind florist. A moving story in which we see that being a good person in life does not always bring you good things.

Actually, any of the other two films could be in this position, since they all teach us something in a magnificent way and are ahead of its time.

10- The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

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We did not want to end this list without mentioning the fantasy genre, and its greatest exponent, The Lord of the rings. At the time this fantastic work got 11 Oscars and the recognition of an audience and critics who have never praised a story of this genre so much before.

An epic film in every way and lasting in time, Not even with the best technologies would it have managed to be better than it is. If you want to give this style of feature films a chance, start with the story of our beloved Hobbits.

Are you agree with the list? What is the best movie for you?

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