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10 Movies you should watch if you sometimes have doubts as a couple

The 1990s were the quintessential decade for romantic comedies.. With actresses like Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock as the undisputed protagonists of most of them, this genre made us believe that all love stories end well. At least if you are the protagonist of the film.

The plot was simple. Boy meets girl, they fall in love and after overcoming the odd unforeseen event they were happy and ate partridges forever. For one hour and forty-five minutes, finding the love of your life seemed so easy.

Romantic comedies that made us fall in love in the 90s

1- Runaway Bride

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Julia Roberts confessed in an interview that she felt identified with this character, since, like her, he was not capable of commitment. Although if it’s Richard Gere, going down the aisle doesn’t seem so dramatic.

2- My best friend’s wedding

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The second place on the list is also starred by our dear Julia Roberts. In this case her great love was her hottie, Dermot Mulroney. The years have not done it justice, but at that moment we would all have done the impossible to prevent that wedding.

My best friend’s Wedding, marked a before and after in this genre. It is one of the few romantic comedies in which the protagonist does not take the boyBut as Rupert Everett said, “Maybe there won’t be marriage, maybe there won’t be sex, but by God… I’m sure there will be dancing!«.

3- Pretty Woman

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From a bittersweet ending to a fairy tale. The chemistry of the most natural actress on the red carpet and Richard Gere on stage is indisputable.

The story of a prostitute who falls in love with a handsome millionaire paved the way for romantic comedy and established Julia as “America’s Sweetheart.” No one will ever forget that final scene on the stairs.

4- While you were sleeping

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From a story impossible to believe to another even more incredible. Sandra Bullock falls in love with a man she has just met who unfortunately falls into a coma.

She pretends to be her partner and he begins to fall in love with his family too, more specifically from his brother, who turns out to be the true love of his life. This story came to tell us that love can appear anywhere and when you least expect it.

5- 10 reasons to hate you

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It is not surprising that Julia Stiles fell for the charms of Heath Ledger. It was the love story that all teenagers would like to have had..

Apparently bad boy, but with a good heart he falls in love with the rebellious and idealistic girl who does not believe in romance. What can go wrong?

6- You have an email

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At the height of cyber relations, it was to be expected that Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan will meet in cyberspace. Although in real life they couldn’t stand each other. Behind the shelter of a screen they managed to fall in love and really get to know each other.

7-Notting Hill

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In addition to making this neighborhood one of the most visited in London, the actress from Pelican Report and Hugh Grant, they revolutionized this genre again. A famous actress and a modest writer, united despite the spotlight. Everything, refugees in the streets of Notting Hill.

8- Sweet Home Alabama

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To be honest, we all would have liked our first idyll to be the romance of our lives, but youth and our inexperience in the sentimental field become an explosive bomb that not even the most sincere love can resist. However, who says that over the years magic does not emerge again?

9- Something happens with Mary


What about Mary that no one can resist her charms? I’m sure you wondered that throughout the movie.

The truth is that not always the prettiest girl in school takes down the captain of the soccer team. At least not in a romantic comedy.

10- The wedding day

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No one wants to go to a wedding without a partner, but surely you had never thought of hiring a professional to be your companion. as in pretty womanno one could expect this to happen, but in love as he taught us While you were Sleepingno one knows when you can find your perfect match.

Do you like romantic comedies or is it not your favorite genre? Have you seen any of these movies?

Share with your friends and family and help us discover your favorite movies!

Image source: Buena Vista Pictures

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