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10 models of winter garden: Photos

Among so many ways to arrange plants at home, without a doubt the winter Garden it is the most sophisticated model, capable of attracting a lot of attention from visitors, in addition to giving your home a unique and highly elegant look.

However, there are numerous ways to set up a winter garden project, while you can choose the suggestion that will look most attractive in your environment. Check it out below ten ways to create a winter garden and their respective images:

Get to know some winter garden suggestions for your home and assemble yours now (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

10 winter garden models

The first winter garden model is the classic arrangement of plants and flowers inside vases in more isolated environments, ideal for those who have little space at home. If the place is well ventilated and receives sunlight, it is even possible to create special vases for spices that, in addition to aesthetics, also add more utility to your daily life. Another interesting way to set up a winter garden is to place stones in the internal environment of the house, with the presence of plants that can easily survive under little sun exposure. When the environment permits, it is worth creating a larger area in the same pattern, with the provision of benches to accommodate visitors during a pleasant afternoon tea.

Have benches in the winter garden for the comfort of your guests (Photo: Disclosure)

Among the types of winter garden existing ones, another option that stands out are the models under the stairs, which give a lightness to the environment while fulfilling a natural and differentiated aesthetic function. For those who prefer to develop a rustic design, it is possible to create a model in masonry to house the plants and thus have a pleasant place close to nature.

The winter gardens under the stairs are excellent for offering more refinement to your environment (Photo: Disclosure)

winter garden pictures

For you who want to innovate your home in an exquisite way, see below the photos of the 10 winter garden suggestions and use creativity to your advantage to have the most favorable elements for your residence proposal:

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