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10 mistakes to avoid when decorating your home

Do the House decoration it is not a very simple task, so much so that there are several types of professionals specialized in this activity, reducing the work of the owners of the residence. But if you yourself are going to adjust the look of the home, get to know 10 mistakes to avoid when decorating your home🇧🇷

Mixing several styles in the same environment is one of the main decorating mistakes (Photo: Disclosure)

Hire a designer to decorate the house it doesn’t come out very cheap. Because of this, many owners decide to take a risk on this task, even without having much knowledge on the subject. And that’s where mistakes happen, spoiling the look of the residence.

Therefore, it is important that you know what not to do when decorating the house🇧🇷

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What this article covers:

10 mistakes to avoid when decorating your home

Using large furniture, interfering with circulation, is another very common mistake (Photo: Disclosure)

You 10 mistakes when decorating the house most common are:

1- Use artificial flowers

They give a fake look that never changes. Prefer low-maintenance natural flowers, planted in vases.

2- Mix various styles

The excess of objects of different styles gives the impression that you don’t know what you like.

3- Use only neutral colors

Despite being elegant, the environments decorated with neutral colors can become tedious after a while.

4- Bet on big furniture

In addition to hindering the movement of people, the big furniture they also give the feeling that the room they are in is smaller and still make future changes difficult.

5- Buying furniture just for looks

Armchairs, beds, sofas and chairs usually attract attention for their beauty, but they must also be extremely comfortable, as they will be used in the hours of relaxation.

Artificial plants do not go very well in home decor (Photo: Disclosure)

6- Spread rugs around the house

The mat should only be used to delimit areas in an environment and not as a carpetbeing present everywhere.

7- Abuse of fads

Betting on items, colors and styles that saw fashion at a certain time is complicated, as trends change and objects will continue to decorate the house. be careful with the fads🇧🇷

8- Don’t clean up the mess

Clothes and objects scattered around the house, misplaced furniture and accumulated dirt disrupt the look of the residence. Invest in cabinets and shelves to get rid of clutter and don’t forget about cleaning.

9- Using objects you don’t like

Using that ornament or picture given as a gift (and that you hate) out of politeness will only leave you dissatisfied. Pass it on, sell it or make a donation. Only use the objects that you like and that have to do with your personality.

10- Leave the wiring on display

That tangle of cables and wires scattered throughout the living room and bedrooms ends any decoration🇧🇷 There are several ways to organize them, using hooks or channels, for example.


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