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10 Messenger tricks that make all the difference

We made a list of 10 tricks for Facebook Messenger. These lesser-known features will certainly come in handy.

O Facebook Messenger has several tricks and options that most users are unaware of. These are features that can make life a lot easier for those who use this tool on a daily basis! We are sure that you already know some, but we also believe that some will be a great novelty. meet 11 tricks for facebook messenger that you can start using now.

10 Facebook Messenger tricks that will surprise you


Use the rear camera for calls

Did you know that it is possible, during a call on Facebook Messenger, to change the camera you are using? Try calling someone and look at the top right corner. It is true that, nowadays, the front cameras already have a lot of quality, but the rear ones continue to be the winners when it comes to “choosing” the best one.


Change font color, emoji and person name

In Facebook Messenger, if you press the “Details” icon (the letter i circled) you can choose different options for your conversations. You can change the font color, the conversation emoji and even set a nickname for the person you are chatting with.

Facebook has a very similar tool to Snapchat and Instastories: a tool called FB Stories that allows you to share videos, photos and images for a limited time (24 hours). How can it be used? Is easy! Just access the Facebook app and, at the top, click on the photo where it says “Your story”.

What does this have to do with Facebook Messenger cheats? Through Facebook Messenger it is easier to share FB Stories. Send a video or photo to someone, Facebook Messenger immediately gives you the option “Add to Your Day”. Fast!


Send a big “thumbs up”

Did you know that you can increase the size of the “thumbs up” (the cool sign, in Portugal) in Facebook Messenger conversations? Just click on “cool” and let it go. But be careful, if you start to shake it’s because you’re reaching the limit. Release it before it “bursts”.


Access your secret mailbox

Did you know that there is a secret message box on Facebook? A box with messages filtered by the social network itself and which you can access whenever you want!

Open Facebook Messenger and go to settings (the gear icon). Within the settings, click on the “People” option. In there, click on “Message requests”. This is where all the messages filtered by Facebook that you’ve never received are found.


Facebook Messenger on desktop

You don’t need to open Facebook to always be exchanging messages. You don’t even have to have the browser open for that. Messenger for Desktop is an unofficial app that is available for Windows, Mac and Linux and that offers very interesting features.


Create an event reminder

Open a conversation on Facebook Messenger. By clicking on the “+” sign that appears in the lower left corner of the screen (next to all the other options), you have an option that allows you to add a reminder. It can be very helpful.


turn off notifications

Sometimes it can come in handy! Especially when you need to work and some people keep texting you. When you really need to have Facebook open and people are bothering you, there’s nothing like turning off notifications for that specific conversation.

Long press on a conversation (on iOS, dragging your finger to the left over the conversation can work) and select the option “Turn off notifications”. On your computer, you can open the conversation you want to mute and see the “Notifications” option on the right side of the screen. It’s “holy medicine” and one of the most useful tricks for Facebook Messenger.

thumb up


Share your location and play

Follow the same steps as described above. By clicking on the “+” an option will appear that allows you to share your location and another option that allows you to access different games.

In group chats, if you click or press the “+” sign, you can also discover an option that allows you to add polls.

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